Place of Origin:
Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
Model Number:
Lead Acid Battery
Number of Cells:
Max. Power:
life year:
10-12 years
Battery type:
12V 200Ah Solar Battery
CE, UL, ISO9001, ISO14001
black & orange
2 years
Packaging Details
carton /wooden cases
Delivery Time
Shipped in 25 days after payment

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Koyama NPS Series Solar Gel Battery are specifically designed with revolutionary long life heavy duty plate gel technology for solar power storage. Solar gel batteries cells are traditionally hard working batteries and are usually cycled on a daily basis as part of primary power source of electricity where no grid power is available


KOYAMA 12V 250Ah Lead Acid Solar Gel Battery For Solar System

Product Description


Sloar gel battery are an intricate component for off-grid electrical systems such as solar, wind, and mini hydroelectric systems.

All these systems produce DC electrical which must be stored so that it may be used at a later time. In order to do this at the present time we use deep cycle batteries.

Deep cycle gel batteries are used because they have the ability to be recycled many times. This means that they can go from being charged to being discharged to 50% numerous times without damaging the batteries unlike that of other batteries such as cranking batteries which are used to start vehicles.

The innovative Gel Technology does not only combines the advantages of lower internal resistance of deep cycle battery , but also do have much much better thermal stability and longer cyclic life .



Voltage:—–2+6+12 Volt Nominal Plates Extra Heavy Duty

Plate Alloy—Virgin Pure Lead /1.6% Tin

Terminal-–Copper Insert +Threaded Post

Container /Cover—ABS

Charge Voltage—Cycle 2.35VPC: Float 2.25 to 2.30Vpc@20C

Specific Gravity—1.280

Electrolyte—Sulphuric acid thixotropic gel

Vent—Self Sealing -2psi operation

Operating Temperature: -25 to +55(However we recommend that the batteries be operated in the temperature range of 20 to 30 C, to obtain full life and optimum performance.)


Model No Rated Voltage(V) Capacity (Ah) Dimension Weight Terminal Type
Length Width Height Total Height kg
 mm mm  mm  mm
NPS200-12 12 200 522 240 219 244 58.8 L17/T5






Off-grid electrical systems such as solar, wind, and mini hydroelectric systems 
Street Lighting 
Water pumping system 
Portable power supply 
Small town power system 

Exceptional deep discharge recovery 
No corrosive 
Gas generation 
Long service life 
Quick chargeability 
High power density 
Maintenance free operation 


Lead time: 20-30day after getting payment

Warranty: 6/12 Batteries: 2 years 2V batteries: 5 years

Certificates: ISO, CE, UL


We are one of the leading manufacturers and wholesale exporter of solar battery for more than 20 years in China. All batteries are excellent quality, well recognizing worldwide and with reasonable Prices. Any inquiries or query would be replied at the earliest date.


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Solar Battery,

Solar Gel Battery,

Solar Deep Cycle Battery,

Solar Deep Cycle Gel Battery,

Solar Panel Battery,

Solar Energy Storage Battery.



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