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Circuit Card Supply

At FASTBOM, we supply PCB boards for the dynamic electronics industry. We can yield rigid printed circuit boards, flexible printed circuit boards, semi flexible electronic circuit boards, and rigid flexible printed circuit boards, and we support domestic and offshore prototyping so we can supply low, medium to high volume production. We can cover the complete range of circuit board fabrication from the basic to the most sophisticated multi-layer circuit boards.

We are committed to giving the high level of quality you want for your electronic devices, and that’s why we make every effort to persistently present the consequences you need. Our supply chain is well equipped and able to tackle almost any project. Reach us presently and request a quote to know more about what we is capable of doing for your requirements.

Dependable Service and Superior Products

FASTBOM personally communicates with every manufacturing plant right to make certain our shoppers get the circuit boards that meet their standards. We’ve managed a bond with each of these factories for around 3 years, and we’re regularly visiting them and certifying UL, ISO, and IPC1710 quality standards. With domestic suppliers, we’ll also guarantee that they’re ITAR compliant if required.
We go with vendors in various other manufacture industries and deliver innovative value-added services to assist cope with your workload. These types of services can include:

Entire Inventory Management
Custom made Product Branding (private-label)
Hassle-free Stocking Programs
Customs & Logistics Managing

Materials Managing

Material Management is our task. We’re one of the very few circuit card suppliers which are able to manage material persistently and proficiently.

We have spent a good deal of time and effort into our program which manages product for all sorts of consumers. This facilitates our customers to benefit from the a great deal more cut-throat costs by buying greater amounts whilst still staying their product off the books until it is totally wanted.

We Ship At The Moment or by Plan

Our MRP and bookkeeping system allows us to keep a close eye on when product needs to ship therefore it is earlier or on-time according to a PO delivery date. What’s more, in case you have a pull-in on your order, we’re able to satisfy and ship within 24 hours as wanted. A First-In, First-Out Inventory Management applies to PCB boards as well, which include date codes and delivery requirements. We’re able to maintain an eye on date codes to make sure you are gaining product that is built first and delivered in accordance with your schedule, and we can work with orders scheduled from 2-3 months as long as One year or more or as needed.

Care about Specifics
Certificates of Conformance are always supplied with every shipment, and various document controls are additionally utilized to guarantee products meet the required specifications. Our staff regularly examines incoming shipments to make sure the product branding, documents and other specifics are exact.

We have guaranteed an ecologically storage facility by paying close attention to all the details. We want to keep your circuit boards safe from the elements. As needed, made to order marking for your product is to choose from.

We can Address Customs and Logistics
Nobody wants to handle customs until they have to, and we make the complete process a lot easier. Included in the service, we cope with all of the customs and logistics so you do not ought to.

As one of the primary printed circuit board suppliers, we are dedicated to PCB prototype making and assy solutions, offering our consumers with high-quality, consistency and a massive amount products.

You can expect all sorts of specialized printed circuit board fabrication solutions. We also provide enhanced printed circuit board solutions and exceptional circuit board fabrication services with our unique software, latent tools and qualified specialists and engineers accessible.

Regardless of being one of the greatest printed circuit board companies, we always provide our clientele with wonderful, hands-on customer support for each order.

Get hold of us to know more about our printed circuit board services, or receive a instant PCB quotation.


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