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As a leading circuit card manufacturer and PCB assembly service company supplying top quality printed circuit board assembly, we primarily focus on PCB-Assembly & PCB manufacture, and possess our own PCB manufacturing lines. Now we have 25 years of electronic manufacturing expertise and have been always boosting PCB assy and PCBA soldering technology, engineers get skills and ability along with us collectively.


In order to satisfy our users, we focus on offering PCB Manufacturing & SMT assy Service with good quality. We have carried out the ISO9001 and QS9000 quality system . The ultimate quality warranty system and numerous inspection equipment assist us to to keep track of the whole of the production process, guarantee constancy of this process and premium quality, on the other hand, superior equipments and technological advances are brought in to obtain regular betterment.

Good quality

All the printed circuit boards will undertake the most demanding tests aside from the simple visual check. We embrace most of the testing and inspecting devices of the profession, such as Flying Probe Tester, X-Ray Inspection Equipment, Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) equipment.


As time passes we’re very proud to retain an on-time delivery rate of 99%. We all know, except for PCB board’s superior quality, an additional important aspect is the shortest possible lead-time, that is key for engineers’ research and development work, particularly in the phase of prototyping. We do the job in three shifts to ensure that your PCBs will be presented as planned and as early as possible.


Our pricing structure is very clear and has no unknown cost inside, We’ll present the ideal price, Perhaps is just a small percentage of what other American or European manufacturers frequently cost you. Even a great number of bargain-sensitive consumers such as college students and hobbyists mainly count on us for their circuit board prototype and fabrication orders. We attempt our extreme to save your cash and time period.

PCBA Specialist

In addition we includes PCB board assy service for our circuit card clients. We will quote you in a little while, We’ll assure all of the components is high quality, we’ll to shop for components as per your BOM list , in addition , our PCBA prices are competitive like our circuit cards. Your entire tasks is achievable in one place, SMT, thru-hole or Mixed!

Eventually, we need to be grateful for big Businesses like Samsung, Sony and so on, which gave us the opportunity to provide PCB Making and PCB assembly services to them. Since we recognize expertise are the only way to obtain the confidence of our consumers.

Either the projects are on design cycle, or volume production section, a whole Custom PCB design services will be offered to our customers everywhere around the world. Superior equipments, experienced technicians and strict quality system ensure that the end products meet the quality prerequisites of international customers.

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