An overview of the Raspberry Pi Zero, including a comparison with other members of the Raspberry Pi family, and setup under Raspbian.

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Top Five Raspberry Pi Zero Electronic Projects That Benefit From Its Tiny Size

The Raspberry Pi is certainly the hobbyist decision for DIY electronic projects. The Raspberry Pi Zero, which is about the dimensions of a stick of gum, is pretty very affordable and has it’s own special utilisation conditions though. Listed below are ten of our favorite projects that make the most of its size.

1. Cram a Raspberry Pi Zero Into an Old Style Game Controller

Everybody knows the Raspberry Pi makes an high quality DIY gaming console. The setup process typically takes a few minutes, and the Raspberry Pi Zero is entirely effective at handling outdated games from the SNES period and earlier. The whole project is greatly improved when the whole system is in a controller.

Very good example (ahem), this project operates on a SNES controller, this one tackles the NES controller, and this one uses that good old original Xbox controller. However you plan to do it, you will have a fairly slick tiny DIY vintage game console you may tote around just about anywhere.

2. Make a Small Dongle Computer

While the Pi Zero makes a awesome tiny computer as it is, it makes a much better dongle computer. This way, you can attach it to every other computer you have, then it will tether itself directly so you do not need to add a USB or any networking.

One of the benefits of this project is the point you no longer need yet another mouse, display screen, or computer keyboard hanging out around. Simply just jam in into your normal computer and you are fine.

3. Make the Globe’s Tiniest (Potentially) MAME Cabinet

MAME cabinets are superb, but they are substantial. For the exact opposite approach, you could employ a Raspberry Pi Zero to make one which is approximately as tiny as the Pi itself.

You will need a few stuff to build this sucker deliver the results, which include a 3D printed case, but in the end cabinet is extremely functional, which implies you’ll have the best desk add-on at the workplace.

4. Build a Motion Sensing Camcorder

source: http://instructables.com/id/Raspberry-Pi-Motion-Sensing-Camera/

The Raspberry Pi is almost certainly an awesome fantastic motion sensing camera, but the low profile of the Pi Zero helps it be even better.

With the Raspberry Pi Zero, your motion sensing camera has a smaller footprint, which means it can go in even tighter rooms. One example is, this one mounts to your window with a couple of suction cups, which is nearly as lightweight as it gets to be.

5. Play Any Simpsons Episode (or possibly Any Tv Series) At Random

In case you’ve ditched cable and gone full streaming with your media, you might still miss the days of catching an arbitrary episode of your favorite show on TV. The Raspberry Pi Zero may bring that back.

In such a project, they use episodes of The Simpsons placed on an SD card. With a custom script, you can just click a control button and it plays a sequence arbitrarily. You’re able to increase any media you wish here, including multiple shows if you wanted, however, The Simpsons are a fantastic option.

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