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Nylon PCB Supports – 504 piece kit

You can buy this product at – http://www.PlasticKits.co.nz About Us Hi-Q Electronics Ltd is a New Zealand owned business founded in 1982 and has become a leading component supplier to many industries. With more than 5600 different component lines in stock Hi-Q Electronics provides high quality Plastic Hardware and Electronic Components to a wide variety […]

全自動PCB高壓噴洗機Automatic PCB High Pressure Spray Cleaning Machine PCB清洗

應用範圍 適用電子零組件清洗、五金零件、瓦斯零件、汽車零組件、航太零件、精密零件、滑塊、滑軌等,各式工件之表面清洗 Applications Suitable for electronic components, optoelectronic products, surface pressing of metal hardwares, gas parts, auto parts, aerospace parts, precision parts , optoelectronic products and etc. 特點 ◆一體化多段式清洗流程設計 ◆彩色人機介面操作,全自動控制系統 ◆全自動批量清洗工件,節省廠房佔地空間 ◆高效率熱風循環可達快速乾燥效果,降低水痕 Features ◆Multi-stage cleaning process integration with adjustable ◆Easy programming with color touch screen HMI ◆Automatic batching processing to save shopfloor space ◆Efficient drying […]