KA-B6, Automatic PCB Lead Cutting and Brushing Machine, PCB cutter for wider board

Automatic PCB-Brushing and Lead cutting Machine


PCB Working Range: 10mm ~ 300mm.
Brush is optional selected for cleaning leads adhered after cutting.
Available for connecting with Wave soldering machine in mass production.
PCB Wrap proof device is equipped.
The height of Back/Front conveyors are adjustable to meet various kind of connection.
The Tungsten Carbide Blade is excluded in the machine.
Net Weight:200Kgs


Dimension:1160(L) x 730(W) x 800(H),Power:220V 50/60HZ
RPM of Spindle:4500
Feeding Speed:0 – 3m (Adjustable)
Min. Lead Height:1.0mm Min
MAX.PCB Working Size:500mm(L) x 300mm(W)
RPM of Brushing:600 RPM/1/2HP



Wave soldering machine technology

Wave soldering is a large-scale soldering process by which electronic components are soldered to a printed circuit board (PCB) to form an electronic assembly.

The name is derived from the use of waves of molten solder to attach metal components to the PCB. The process uses a tank to hold a quantity of molten solder; the components are inserted into or placed on the PCB and the loaded PCB is passed across a pumped wave or waterfall of solder. The solder wets the exposed metallic areas of the board (those not protected with solder mask, a protective coating that prevents the solder from bridging between connections), creating a reliable mechanical and electrical connection. The process is much faster than manual soldering of components.

The following are characteristics of the wave soldering process:

The solder connection is very reliable and also a clean connection
The process is automated
The process reuses the flux and solder that is left over
It does require inspection, some touch ups, and also testing
The productivity and efficiency is increased


SMT inline PCB cleaner (NIX, Inc.)

Small dust particles, which were not a problem in the past, are now a source of production defects. The PCB in line cleaner is the key to quality control as you provide clean bare PCB boards to the screen printer.

NIX’s Magic Cleaner 3D is a powerful SMT inline cleaning machine that thoroughly removes dust and particles from PCB surface before solder application by utilizing a combination of a brush, high-pressure air knife and vacuum removal. Unlike adhesive roller type cleaner, the Magic Cleaner 3D requires minimum supervision and the brush needs to be replaced approximately once a year.


SMT solutions for Electronic Manufacturing PCB assembly

We design and manufacture auto insertion machines and SMT equipment, and provide spare parts support .
We provide total solutions for LED lighting and SMT PCB assembly.
We offer worldwide Installation and on site support and factory (machine and lighting assembly) training.

1. Visit our site! : www.smthelp.com
2. Connect with us: https://www.facebook.com/autoinsertion
3. Get to know our team: https://cn.linkedin.com/in/smtsupplier
4. Google:Auto+Insertion
5. Questions? Let’s get in touch. email us at: jasonwu@smthelp.com

Please watch: “How to operate Auto Insertion Machine to Assembly PCB by Through hole technology”

Email: info@smthelp.com


IoT, Car Electronics Powering FPCB Industry Expansion

Flexible Printed Circuit Boards Market report, published by Allied Market Research, prophecies that the international market is anticipated to obtain 27 billion dollars by the year 2022, expanding at a CAGR of 10.4Per-cent from 2016 To 2022.

Asia-Pacific dominated the world-wide market, as to revenue, comprising higher than 46% in 2015, pursued by North America.

FPCBs are frequently used across applications for example , LCD display screen, smartphone display, connectivity antennas, and flexible circuitry utilized for re-chargeable batteries. Surge in demand for consumer electronic items, boost in popularity of Internet of Things (IoT), and consumption of FPCBs in motor vehicle applications drive the market development. Further, surge in requirement for automatic robots is likely to allow for beneficial chances to industry members. Multilayer FPCBs led the FPCBs area, and is supposed to maintain this craze during the forecast period of time. Then again, the rigid-flex FPCBs sector is envisioned to view substantial increase in the future, thanks to the lightweight size and low power usage.

Among end user, electronic devices took over the world-wide market in the year 2015, comprising close to 30% share. Even so, automotive electronics is expected to grow at the highest possible CAGR of 10.7%, as a result of surge in desire for long lasting devices with better efficiency.

Asia-Pacific was the primary revenue contributor in 2015, and is supposed to continue to keep its prominence down the road, thanks to surge in number of electronic applications. Further, developments in electronic products and industrial systems are expected to raise the FPCBs market growth, specially in the Parts of Asia, which include China, Japan, Oceania, as well as India.

Flex PCBs are hugely successful interconnectivity alternatives utilized for a wide selection of electronic gadgets with complicated circuitry. Further, they supply scores of pros for example , high efficiency and reduced system maintenance tasks. Multilayer FPCBs comprise more or less 30% of the full FPCBs market, because of their resilience and high efficiency. At the same time, substantial requirement for electronics applications and customer shift towards compact printing to get better efficiency are expected to increase its consumption in the electronic products, motor vehicle, and other industry sectors, states Jeshin Jayamon, Research Expert, Semiconductor & Electronics Research, Allied Market Research.

LAMEA is believed to increase at the highest possible CAGR through the analysis period of time, thanks to surge in handheld appliances and surge in the consumption of FPCBs in motor vehicle applications. Further, technological improvements to defeat power loss difficulties in extreme conditions are predicted to give highly profitable chances for industry participants soon.

Important Discoveries Of The Flex Printed Circuit Boards Market

In 2015, multilayer FPCBs dominated the world-wide FPCBs market, as for revenue, and is estimated to increase at a CAGR of 10.7Percent within the forecast period of time.

Consumer electronics led the market, comprising roughly 30% share in the year 2015.

China was the key shareholder in the Asia-Pacific FPCBs market, comprising approximately 34% in 2015.

The significant participants operating in the FPCB market have adopted new product launch as their ideal way to increase the size of their market foothold. The key participants profiled in this report involve NOK Corporation (Nippon Mektron Ltd.), Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. (SEI), Fujikura Ltd., Multi-Fineline Electronix, Inc., Zhen Ding Technology Holding Limited (ZDT), Nitto Denko Corp., Interflex Co., Ltd., Career Technology, FLEXium Interconnect, Inc., as well as ICHIA Technologies Inc.

China-based Circuit Board Service Supplier for from Proto through Bulk Manufacturing

China-based Circuit Board Service Supplier for from Proto through Bulk Manufacturing


NOD Electronics Co., Ltd.

Info Regarding Us

Being a service-leading PCB fabrication and Electronic Circuit Board assy (PCBA) partner, NOD Electronics works to aid intercontinental small-medium corporation with above 10 years engineering experience with Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS, also referred to as electronics contract manufacturing (ECM)). Our headquarter is in Guangzhou City, China. We have 10,000 square meters plant, 287 staff and 42 technical engineers(by the end of 2015), month-to-month capabilities of 15,000 sqm PWB design & manufacturing and 80mil spot SMT. We have been serving in excess of 108 customers around the world and authorised by TS16949, ISO9001-2008, UL, RoHS, CE.


We endeavor to be your proper provider in electronic manufacturing serivce(EMS) with a dedication from creative staff. Will you agree with the fact that every single electronic device has its spirit, featuring the designer’s product option, just like the iPhone and Steve Jobs? Electronic product is a link between the shopper and designer instead of an object. Despite the fact that they don’t have verbal interaction, they have internal connection in between.

Business lines

And as a result, we do and come up with a bridge, which turns your notion or design into a object and demonstrate it before the clients by supplying good fabricating solutions and engineering assistance, including New Product Introduction (NPI), Circuit Card design, Circuit Card assy (CCA ), Shell (plastic-made & metal) solutions.

We’re completely dedicated to become your trusted electronic manufacturing services partner. Let’s collaborate to take care of your market desires.

Reach Us

NOD Electronics Co., Ltd.
Address: F/3, Block 3, #20-8 Huanxi West Road, Dongpu Town, Tianhe District, Guangzhou City, China 510660
Telephone Number : +86-20-8251-5913
Telefax: +86-20-8232-4751
Mailbox: sales@nod-pcba.com

If you wish any experienced assistance or serious about our electronic manufacturing services, go ahead and inform us. Your e-mail message will be replied by our team in as few as 8 hours. For any imperative question, be sure to speak to our online representative

Full Name: Rocky Long
Mobile: +86-1862-0101-507
Skype ID: rocky.long830

Likewise, you can send us request to get instant quotation of Printed Circuit Board fabricating and assembly .

On such basis as : http://www.nod-pcba.com/about/


Shenzhen Sunshine Global PCB Group

Regarding Sunshine Global PCB Group

Shenzhen Sunshine Circuits Technology Co. Limited. began in 2001. With 350,000 square feet production total capacity and also 1,500 employees, we manufacture multi-layer rigid Printed Circuit Board, rigid and flex PCB Board, RF, metal back and other special Electronic Circuit Boards. Our boards are vastly employed in telecommunication, industrial controller, medical technology, PC and extra accessories , renewable energy and a great many other tech areas.

Directed by a group of industry experienced persons, Sunshine has expanded significantly within the last ten years. The enterprise has come forth from the latest GFC to end up being the earth’s key service provider of high mix hi-tech PCBs.

In 2011, Sunshine invests 150 million US dollars to construct a latest factory in Jiujiang City, Jiangxi . After completed, Jiujiang Sunshine Circuits Technology will have more than 1,400,000 square ft. production zone and Five thousand personnel with 280 million Greenbacks in once-a-year sales.

In the year 2013, Rinde PCB GmbH (Germany) started to be element of the Sunshine Group. At present we can easily offer prototype Electronic Circuit Board for the native Western marketplace.

Our Goal

Sunshine’s aim is to back up the Continuing Increase of Universal Electronic Market. We Offer the Best Value to Our Consumers with Superior Goods and services at Highly competitive Charge in a Approach In keeping with High Ecological Standards.

Level of quality

We attain the finest quality with the aid of the most up-to-date equipment, processes, and quality requirements through our organization. Our facilities are ISO9001, ISO13485, ISO 14001, TS 16949 and UL accredited.

Directory of Quality Certificates

Quality Management System



ISO/TS 16949:2009

Environmental Management System


We deliver Circuit Board with Lead-Free, RoHS Compliance, REACH Authorized, PFOS Qualified

UL Yellow Card File Number: E229342

Communicate with Us

China Business office:

Building B Shangxing No.2 Industry District, Shajing Town
Bao’an , Shenzhen City,
Guangdong 518125,
Tel: +86-755-27243597
Telefax: +86-755-27243169

American Office:

Jimmy Fang
3400 Silverstone Drive, Suite 139, Plano,
TX 75023
Email address: jimmyfang@sunshinepcb.com
Cellular phone: 626-422-4296
Tel: 972-867-8886
Telefax: 972-867-8002


iFast PCB Manufacturing

About Ifastpcb

iFastPCB is a printed circuit board contract producer offering up a turnkey option for the different electronic assembly and low-quantity orders. Our expert services consist of rapid PCB Prototyping, PCB fab, and moreover assembly. Staying one of the first rate China-based PCB manufacturers, we make an effort to provide top shelf services to our consumers..

Our foundation value has been maintained by honesty, persistence and a team of competent specialists. we work to serve our buyers with superb services and exact outcomes; and due to this we are all set to do all the potential efforts.

Viewing the below PCB fab capacities, and get cost-free a offer with no enrollment online, we are here for private consulting on your PCB needs.

What we provide here:

PCB Fabricating Savings

Gain fabricated or even assembled PCB boards straight from the Chinese PCB plant. We are already delivering PCB for years. due to the cutting edge information technology, we have built up solid ERP system that highly raises the board manufacturing effectiveness, causing us to be capable to deliver hugely great value PCB boards with no wrecking the customer’s investing budget.

Super quick Turn-around

Single-sided and 2 layers PCB prototypes, we will deliver to you within 48 hrs. On top of that, the turn-around time rely upon the volume and layer count.

Nice Customer Satisfaction
Troubles or requests, we get back to you in just One business day. Our client support employees will cope with the your messages in a timely manner.

PCB Manufacturing Source

iFastPCB is the turnkey solution to all the PCB prototyping and manufacture demands. Positioned in Shenzhen, you will find the a large number of sorts of state-of-the-art PCB engineering and PCB prototype services. The Prototype PCB made by us is intended for high durability and accuracy. Insured by our PCB functions, our products are capable to work under tough environments. The formats supported are Gerber file, .pcb, .pcbdoc, .cam.

Progress with uploading your PCB design file and get a gratis quote on the net. kindly turn the PCB file into one of the suitable types before you upload it for quoted price.

Connect with iFastPCB

In case you have any questions or just simply demand our assistance, don’t hesitate to leave us a message our email service@ifastpcb.com, or else call us today +86-755-23091058


Depending on : http://www.ifastpcb.com/about.html


Shenzhen JA Electronics Co. Limited

JA Electronics Co. Limited is known as one of the leading electronic manufacturing service (EMS) firms of PCB assemblies beyond ten years. We have already been involved in developing and processing double-sided, multi-layer, rigid, flexible and aluminium PCB boards.

Our principal wish is to supply you with the best quality, highly competitive price , shortest turn-around and solid service. A Quantity of printed circuit board manufacturing services are available to satisfy your most critical needs,and reproduce it through your sample. We provide manufacturing services to different varieties of industries for instance , Aerospace, Medical related, Automotive, Telecommunications, Computer systems, Audio/Video systems even more.

From quotations to transport, our PCB services are speedy, economical and committed to total customer satisfaction. The different types of fabrication include single-sided board to a maximum of 20 Layers, leadless finishes to High TG special materials.

The final assembling techniques and fabrication technologies all are considered up front and so our attempts are successful in presenting a quality-based product every occasion. With an aim to satisfy clients and structure long running partnerships, we have shown our dependability and risen together with our existing customers through the years.

In addition to the specifications set by our shoppers, the products manufactured by JA Electronics Co.,Limited are eligible for the Underwriters Laboratory and the IPC. Final inspection of the product is depending on the customer’s requirements -100% inspection.

For more detailed information, simply check our website http://www.sz-japcb.com. Welcome to take a trip to our manufacturing facility.

Find Us

Needing PCB assembling services?

JA Electronics is a dependable one-stop PCB assembly producer headquartered in China. We are centered on providing the top rated customer service in the EMS field . We’re going to resolve all of your queries and we are going to resolve all your difficulties .

When you got any queries or advice, please get in contact with us . we shall reply in under 1 day. For faster support , call up us with one of the cell phone numbers in this article throughout working time.


Shenzhen Plant
Address: 3F 4th Building, Anda Industrial Park , FuYong Street, Bao’an District , Shenzhen , Guangdong Province, China.
Telphone: +0755 61529682
Cellular Phone Contact:+86-135-3079-2421 (Mr.Bright Yu)

China Shenzhen Operating Workplace
Location: No. 7, Times Center, # 1 Gushu Rd, Xixiang Street, Shenzhen City , Guangdong ,China.Telphone:+86-755-61529692 61529682
Inbox: sales@japcbpcba.com

In accordance with : http://sz-japcb.com/about.asp?id=23&pid=23&webType=1&i=23


Topscom Tech Co.,Limited

Company Profile

20 Years Of Electronic devices Entire OEM / ODM, Electronic Contract Manufacturing(also called ECM) and Printed Circuit Board Assembly Solutions — Shenzhen Topscom

Topscom is a primary Electronics Manufacturing Services (aka EMS) company dedicated to offering advanced design and manufacturing services to car, commercial, health-related, consumer, telephone system, and hi-tech corporations. With fiscal year 2013 earnings of 360 Million Us dollars, Topscom aids customers design, make, shipping, and electronic products that provides clients with entire design, engineering, and fabricating resources that are vertically incorporated with parts to boost their operations by minimizing their charges and cutting down the time to markets.

Topscom supplies an wide spread of manufacturing, engineering and machining services, for instance in-house highly precise SMT mount, plastic injection casting, high volume metal stamping, die-casting and made to order fabrication.

Full-furnished Departments

Our diverse divisions are aimed to supply an vast range of fabrication, engineering and machining solutions:

Our SMT abilities address 0201, zero-Lead and flip-chip technologies.
Our plastic injection molding division is aligned with innovative devices in white room and cold water air conditioning system. A unique production line is further created to take away and slice the material grain.
Our metal stamping division comes with CNC process center, silk equipment as well as drilling equipment coming from Japan and Taiwan.

In our mold tooling team, we make use of Pro-Engineer professional software package for highly effective design assistance. Working with EROWA grips, we are able to control the accuracy less than 3 ums.

To maintain qc method successful, we constantly analyze our test flow charts. Furthermore, We maintain purchase office buildings in Tokyo, Singapore and also Hong Kong controlled by our core resources stockroom in Shenzhen.

Our manufacturing unit is headquartered in Shenzhen, China with a total zone of 200,Thousand sqms and about 4,000 employees. We firmly believe in the worth of our staff and anticipate to sustain a qualified perspective and teamwork tradition that builds creativity and delivers job happiness.

The supervision emphasizes persistent training, open communication, teamwork and engagement in decision-making process.

With great experience in cooperating with high-tech companies and diverse client base in wide product range, we’re quite self-assured and confident to present superb solutions, high adaptability, inexpensive fabricating solutions and on time delivery for our purchasers.

Our topmost consumers list around the world: Rda (Sydney) , Bestdl (Belgium), Sqp (France), Destst, Metro (Israel), Aji, Fujitsu, Sony (Japan), Dgsb (Malaysia), Rdi (Holland), Mlcroalp (Singapore) , Inventron, Tempel (Spain), Imc (England), Cisco (USA).

Connect with US

China Mainland Contact
Tel: +86-755-22211988
Mailbox: frankwu[at]topscom.com.cn
Cell Phone :+86 13502814037
Address: No.18, Tannan Rd, Tanjia Industrial Village, Gongming Street, Guangming New District,Shenzhen , China.

Hong Kong Workspace:
Address : First Building Weigan Center JiuLong Hong Kong
Email: ivy.ko@topscom.com.cn( Ms.Ivy Ko)

As per : http://www.topscom.com.cn/info-132-en.html


Ourpcb Tech Ltd.

Concerning Us

OurPCB is a international Circuit Card fabricating & Assemblage manufacturer that offers Worldwide service and support by making use of our capabilities.

You can expect cut-throat prices, pro service and support and exceptional delivery time period. We do it due to the fact we are the manufacturing company. OurPCB Tech, Our main company in China was established in 2005, and has provided certified Circuit Board fabrication & Assembly solutions for much more than 2,500 customers throughout the globe. In an attempt to satisfy our customers’various demands and specifications for PCB Assembly, We built our new Circuit Board Assembly facility in Apr 2011.

Our factory comes equipped with complex equipment, yet not limited to 3 fast SMT production lines, Siemens HS50 Pick and placers, Siemens F5 pick and placers, Heller 1809 Reflows, Speedline MPM printers, OK intelligent solder irons, And Otek Automatic Optical Inspection devices to mention a few. We support LGA, QFN, QFP, BGA and DIP SIP assembly types.., The tiniest SMT footprint we can mount is 0201. Our factory can likewise present programming, Wiring together with injecting and conformal coating services.

Our Assembly factory has ISO9001 Accreditations, For bare Circuit Card manufacture, in addition we have ISO and UL certifications., Therefore OurPCB is highly capable of handling / Manufacturing high standard Assy projects which fulfill current high-quality criteria.

ConnectorFromChina.com web site is owned by OurPCB GROUP, focuses on managing businesses of exact Board to Board, Solar photoelectric connector, I/O connectors, industrial Terminal blocks and even cable assemblies for computer & add-ons.

Speak to Us

OurPCB Australia PTY LTD
Mail: sales[at]ourpcb.com.au
Telephone Number 0061-03-9785-1090
Tel 0061-0417-264-974
Position: Suite 3A, 85 Bardia Avenue, Seaford VIC 3198

Ourpcb Tech Ltd.
Mail: sales[at]ourpcb.com
Telephone : 86-311-85981900 or 86-311-85981877
Location: 3F,Nanhai Plaza,#505 Xinhua Rd Xinhua Region, Shijiazhuang Hebei Province China

OurPCB Manufacturing plant
Tel +86-311-82190340,82190343
Telephone Number +86-311-82190477

According to : http://ourpcb.com/about-us


China Contract Manufacturer Selection for Your PCB Fab Needs

Commitment Manufacturer Selection for Your PCB Fab Needs


Determined by : http://sz-japcb.com/about.asp?id=23&pid=23&webType=1&i=23

JA Electronics Co. Ltd has been one of the top electronic manufacturer service (EMS) providers of PCB assemblies over 10 years. We are already involved in designing double-sided, multi-layer rigid, flexible and aluminum-based PCBs.

Our prime hope is to give you the very best quality, economical price , speediest turnaround time and superior service. A Wide variety of printed circuit board manufacturing services are made available to meet up with your most imminent need,and reproduce it through your sample. We offer manufacturing services to a number of industries like Aerospace, Medical-related, Auto, Telecommunications, PC systems, Audio, Video products plus much more.

From quotations until delivery, our PCB services are quick, economical and dedicated to total customer happiness. The different varieties of fabrication include single-sided circuit board up to 20 Layers, lead-free finishes to High TG exotic materials.

The final assembling techniques and fabrication technologies are all considered ahead of time and so our work is professional in supplying a quality-based product on every occasion. With an goal in mind to gratify consumers and build up extended partnerships, we have proven our dependability and advanced along with our entire customer base gradually.

Aside from the specifications set by our consumers, the boards manufactured by JA Electronics Co.,Ltd. are eligible for the Underwriters Laboratory and the IPC. Final inspection of the product is based upon the client’s specifications -full inspection.

For much more, simply have a look at our website http://www.sz-japcb.com. You can head to our factory.


Get hold of Us

Would you like PCB assembling services? JA Electronics is a reputable turnkey PCB assy producer within China. We are invested in providing the excellent customer care in the EMS world . We will answer all of your queries and we will fix every one of your troubles .

If you got any queries or opinions, you can get in touch with us . we’ll reply in under 1 working day. For speedier service , call up us with one of the numbers listed below during operating time.


China Shenzhen Manufacturing plant
Addr: 3F 4th Building, Anda Industry Area , FuYong Street, Bao’an District , Shenzhen City , Guangdong , China.
Telphone:+0755 61529682
Email address:Bright@japcbpcba.com
Cell Phone Contact:+86-135-3079-2421 (Mr.Bright Yu)

China Shenzhen Operating Agency
Addr: # 7, Times Center, # 1 Gushu Rd, Xixiang Street, Shenzhen City , Guangdong ,China.Telphone:+86-755-61529692 61529682
Mailbox: sales@japcbpcba.com


PCB and EMS Industries Go back to Development

PCB and EMS Industries Go back to Development

Industrial and manufacturers are seeing impressive advancements. As documented in IPC, PCB and EMS markets in United States persisted to report encouraging growth through the summer of 2016. The records is based on three-month rolling averages.

Semiconductor firms have been facing a abrasive period, yet data provided by IPC indicates that the turn-around for semi-conductor shipments began in April 2016, with constructive indicators of restoration. Seeing that purchases in the PCB and EMS markets increased, enterprises across the board have felt the great power.

Small cap manufacturers such as Cemtrex Inc. have benefited a good deal from the rehabilitation in the PCB field. Cemtrex offers PCB assembly services as well as equipments for fabricating processes, and industrial environmental control systems. At the beginning of August, the provider declared that net sales for the 3 months ended June 30, 2016 increased by 69% to $24.7 million from $14.67 million for the 90 days ended June 30, 2015. Shares of the company since the beginning of May have more than doubled.

Fairly recently, Cemtrex has been productive in expanding operations across the world . Earlier this month, the business publicised that it has absolutely integrated with the lately obtained Periscope, an electronics manufacturing firm located within Paderborn, Germany. With the combination completed , Cemtrex safeguarded a broader base and bigger market share in the EU and says that it is now amongst the top 20 EMS businesses in Germany.

Larger cap corporations similar to Intel and Advanced Micro Devices have both been recuperating from a stable at best in 2015. Shares of Intel and AMD increased by approximately 25% and 65%, correspondingly, since May.

Intel has required to lift its portfolio of products to request a larger range of devices, and just recently acquired Movidius Technology. Movidius concentrates on new devices that happen to be getting into the core like drones, virtual reality headsets plus more !.

Texas Instruments Inc. plays a big role in the PCB field, being a international semiconductor enterprise running in 35 throughout the world. TI fabricates communication equipment, venture systems, and also hardware for industrial purposes and consumer electronics. Shares elevated 22% since May.

QUALCOMM is more noted for development and commercialization of hardware, designing printed circuit boards for digital communication technology. The firm additionally develops and commercializes an assortment of other technologies deployed in mobile phone devices and tablet PCs. Shares of QUALCOMM elevated by approximately 25% ever since May.