How to Safely Clean PCBs with Ultrasonic Cleaning
Printed circuit boards, especially those used in PDAs (personal digital assistants) like cell phones, get a lot of abuse. In addition to collecting dust and dirt that penetrates the cases of cell phones, e-book readers and similar hand-held devices PCBs have been known to suffer from immersion in and splashing from liquids in day to day use. As a result, a service industry has emerged to provide cleaning and repair services for PCBs subjected to contaminants but not physical breakage in PDAs and larger devices.

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SMT inline PCB cleaner (NIX, Inc.)

Small dust particles, which were not a problem in the past, are now a source of production defects. The PCB in line cleaner is the key to quality control as you provide clean bare PCB boards to the screen printer.

NIX’s Magic Cleaner 3D is a powerful SMT inline cleaning machine that thoroughly removes dust and particles from PCB surface before solder application by utilizing a combination of a brush, high-pressure air knife and vacuum removal. Unlike adhesive roller type cleaner, the Magic Cleaner 3D requires minimum supervision and the brush needs to be replaced approximately once a year.