AMAZFIT Pace, uno de los mejores smartwatch que he probado | Review

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Hoy os muestro el que hasta hoy es el smartwatch que uso en mi día a día, Amazfit Pace con muchas funciones que os cuento en la review de este gran reloj compatible con Android 4.4+ y iOS 7.0+.

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Xiaomi Amazfit Smartwatch – Akıllı Saat – Review – İnceleme

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XIAOMI AMAZFIT PACE TransReflective Fitness Smartwatch: Unboxing and 1st Look [English Only]

AMAZFIT PACE Buying Link:–Xiaomi-HUAMI-AMAZFIT-Smart-Sports-Watch—Black-374817.html
This fitness smartwatch has been provided by Geekbuying for review. Many thanks to our viewers for making this YouTube site popular and to Geekbuying for their support. If you are interested in purchasing this AMAZFIT PACE fitness watch/band, please use the link listed above. It will help us receive more watches to review for you in the future. Thanks!

The original Amazfit was the first true fitness smartwatch offered by Xiaomi into the blossoming fitness/health market, an now it is available in English as the Amazfit PACE.

UPDATE 2017-03-03: It’s true! Here are the details on the new update:

The original Amazfit video is reviewed here:

Today you will not only learn about this PACE watch in English, but will see a side by side comparison with the Chinese twin. You will also see how to use the watch control and setup app, and get basic information for future research on how to download your data from the watch and use it on your phone.

UPDATE 2017-03-01: Flashing a Special ROM to this watch

Here’s a great lead from one of our viewers. If you are adventurous and want more from your Amazfit PACE, then check this out:

From StormChild
I own this watch since the beginning of January, and it’s a real gem! :))
You can bet I use it a lot, and the over 30+ hours GPS-on time is real, absolutely not fake.

Too bad the original English firmware, v1.3.0n is fairly old and outdated, so I’ve decided to replace it with Neuer_User’s PACEfied ROM, which is the latest Chinese ROM with English translation and a lot of extras.
Here’s the XDA page:

I hope there’ll be an official English update soon, since the version numbers of the Chinese and English FWs are nearing. :)) (The latest Chinese FW is v1.2.9.)

Keep up the great work, Mr Ticks!

UPDATE 2017-03-01: How to Access Watch Data on Phone

This video attempts to show the process to set up the apps on your phone to successfully sync and transfer watch data to your Android phone.

Unfortunately the video fails to deliver due to a missing step at the end. The proper steps in the show notes to that video are available to follow, however. Here is a copy of the steps from that video:

1. Create a Mi account – – upper right corner – Sign Up
2. Amazfit Smartwatch Chinese version – – Download
3. Mifit Chinese version – – Download
4. Play store Amazfit Smartwatch – – Download
5. Play store MiFit – – Download

best to reset the watch to its factory settings, you can return to the English Interface by doing this:

follow these steps:
1. open an account in mi.
2. install the amazfit smartwatch Chinese version, pair with your phone and login with your mi account.
3. install the mifit Chinese version as well, login with your mi account and add the watch as a device in mifit as well, make sure that in both apps its paired and synced.
4. go to the play store and update both apps to their store versions.
after the update, the Amazfit app will have an option of adding a Strava account, login with yours or open a new account, as i did for this video.
5. remove the the installed Mifit and install the one from the store, login with your Mi account again. with the store version you’ll be able to see your steps and sleep data, and add your google fit account, if you want to keep everything in there as well.