Изготовление печатной платы в домашних условиях (методом ЛУТ)

В этом видео я Вам покажу как с помощью не хитрых подручных средств и в домашних условиях сделать печатную плату для своих радио самоделок. Для этого понадобиться хлорное железо, фольгированный текстолит, обычная пищевая сода с губкой, бумага канцелярские принадлежности, наждачная бумага, и утюг. Самое главное в этом деле Лазерный принтер (хорошо печатающий). Все это можно найти на сайте AliExpress или купить на радио рынке своего города. После проверки схемы на макетке нужно сделать уже действующую плату. Но не всегда получается с первого раза. Тем более если принтер печатает очень плохо даже на максимальном тонере. В итоге схема готова и работает.
Фольгированный текстолит: https://ru.aliexpress.com/item/Blank-Copper-Clad-Printed-Circuit-Board-Universal-Prototype-PCB-Single-Side-7-10CM-Test-Board-1/32555928537.html?spm=2114.03010208.3.9.TUXDx0&ws_ab_test=searchweb201556_7,searchweb201602_4_10039_10057_10065_10056_10055_10054_10069_10059_10058_10017_10070_10060_10061_10052_10062_10053_10050_10051,searchweb201603_2&btsid=99bd3a7f-8bd6-4608-938c-387524154491
Приветствую Вас на моём канале «Руки Крюки», где Вы научитесь делать все своими руками в домашних условиях. Вы увлекаетесь рукоделием, самоделками или Вам просто нечем заняться? Тогда вы попали на нужный Вам канал. Все что мы будем делать будет сделано из подручных средств и при минимальных затратах!
ВНИМАНИЕ!!! Соблюдайте технику безопасности, будьте осторожны и не повторяйте то в чем не уверены, автор не несет ответственности за ваши действия, это видео развлекательного характера, а не призыв к действию!
ВНИМАНИЕ!!! – Этот канал создан для адекватных и порядочных людей: за матерщину, за оскорбления и “тролинг” – БУДУ БАНИТЬ!!!


PCB company in Russia


Resonit Ltd. is a continually growing and rising firm built in the year 1997 by MIET graduates.

The Enterprise centers on producing printed circuit boards (PCB) (from single PCBs and small-quantity urgent production – to delivery of large batches), PCB assembly, sales of components for PCB production and assembly, contract manufacture of products for electronics manufacturing.

Our Company is very effective at fulfilling orders on manufacture of PCBs of any complexity both of superior quality and in time. Likewise, we do not have any limitations either on the product complexity or the maximum dimensions of the order. In response to your order, we are able to offer you some variations of PCB manufacture: from straightforward and low-priced to high tech PCBs. Incredibly knowledgeable professionals team is just about to give you consultation services on any problem relating to PCB production technologies and PCB assembly.

At this time the company employs over Three hundred persons in manufacturing areas and office spaces. To deliver effortless services to customers throughout Russia, we have launched subsidiaries in S.Petersberg, Ekaterinburg, and rep workplaces in cities all around Russian federation: Voronesh. Izhevsk, Krasnodar, Nizhny Novgorod, Perm, Saratov and Ufa. During the last years, the Enterprise sees a continuous 30-40% increase in orders. Through the earlier years, around 5,000 Russia’s companies from Sakhalin to Kaliningrad became our clients.


Electroconnect Limited

Our Electronic Board plant “Electroconnect” ltd, based in Novosibirsk, is one of the largest suppliers that are dedicated to urgent and standard Electronic Board production all over the Russia .

We are able to offer you production from single Electronic Board to regular huge Circuit Card batches. Our large technology range afford us to manufacture either single layer Electronic Board or multilayer Electronic Board (as many as 10 layers or more) of an excellent quality and high standards. Our manufacturing capability make it possible for us to complete your order in 2 days after we have finished the count. But you can also choose another terms among established. We’ll make sure that after delivery of your order your will like the quality of our production in addition to our technical service, efficiency and high level of collaboration.

Our indivisible service package incorporate Electronic Board production, packing list and Electronic Board assembly, ISO 9001-2001 quality management system, zero-cost delivery service all over Russia, tech support, professional advisory service, which is constantly offered to each of our consumers.

The main features of our company are high efficiency and perfect quality of execution. Our being successful is dependent on adopting the latest technological trends as well as on the background of our stable, cooperative and professional personal.

Over 2,000 of clients in Russia, 4000 square meters of our own manufacturing areas in Novosibirsk and representative offices in St. Petersburg , Moscow, Rostov-na-Donu, Perm, Ekaterinburg ‘ this is “Electroconnect’ ltd today.

According to http://www.eng.pselectro.ru/about/

2017 Most recent PCB Business Updates

PCB industry is among the fastest thriving sectors in the world since most of the modern day devices is PCB-driven. As per the Q4 2016 trends, the sales of PCB in the North America has risen. This particular article offers certain interesting observations into the realm of PCB industry by examining the advancement trends, future prospects, and conjecture report.

Product based evaluation of PCB industry

1-2 sided
4-6 low
8-16 mid
18+ high
Micro via (HDI)

In keeping with diverse market analysis reports, there’s a popular demand for 4-6 layer PCB types. This is due to their raising use in devices including resistors, embedded capacitors and also transistors. As well, with the advent in technology new PCB’s including RoHS / lead free PCB’s have appear in the market changing the face of electronic devices sector. The PCB market is anticipated to grow with the CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 4% against the last Q4 2016, trend which witnessed severe downside. Some frequent PCB products ruling the electronic devices market are:

Application based research of PCB sector

On the subject of the greatest sales contributor for the PCB industry, the networking and communication industry leads by contributing a 30% surge in the PCB income. Plus, the aerospace and defense industries have in addition started using PCB technologies. Here is the menu of PCB market ranking when it comes to applications.

Electronic Devices
Home PC / Peripheral Items
Industrial Electronic products

2017 Latest Surveys and Trends

In line with the “Global PCB Field Report“, PCB market was estimated at above $3.4 billion in the Q4 2016, with the industry estimation indicating a 10 per cent improvement in the year 2017. American continent accocunts for 5Per cent of entire $60 billion worldwide PCB market. This research statement targets the vital figures and deep study of the PCB industries throughout the American region. Some boasting points recruited in the report are:

::Offshoring Affect: As a consequence of the migration of many different electronics industries and manufacturing facilities to third world areas, there has been an incredible downslide in the American PCB field. This has concluded in a shrinkage in the PCB manufacturing areas in the North american continent.

::Rebirth of PCB sector: A variety of sectors for example communications, defense, and industrial electronics industries are nevertheless relying upon the PCB business. The PCB industry even now is still tactical driver for a lot of sophisticated automation and process control equipment. With the resurrection of the gas and oil sector, which depends on PCB driven equipment, the PCB field is presently getting a rebirth in the American region.

In the event you happen to be seeking PCB for your use, you ought to look at a manufacturer with a long industry experience for example MOKO is one such well-known manufacturer and seller of PCB in China. The firm has consistently supplied their clients with high standard circuit boards that rank when considering efficiency and overall performance.