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Printed Wiring Board maker in Russia


Resonit Ltd. is a consistently expanding and developing company founded in the year 1997 by MIET grads.

The Corporation makes a speciality of fabricating printed circuit boards (PCB) (from single PCBs and small-quantity urgent production – to delivery of large batches), Printed Wiring Board assembly, sales of supplies for Printed Wiring Board production and assembly, contract manufacture of products for electronics manufacturing.

Our Company is competent at fulfilling orders on manufacture of Printed Wiring Boards of any complexity both of high quality and punctually. Concurrently, we don’t have any constraints either on the product difficulty or the maximum measurements of the order. In response to your order, we can offer you a few variants of Printed Wiring Board manufacture: from uncomplicated and low-priced to advanced Printed Wiring Boards. Highly veteran experts team is just about to give you consultation services on any issue associated with Printed Wiring Board production technologies and Printed Wiring Board assembly.

By now the firm hires in excess of 300 people employed in manufacturing areas and places of work. To provide comfortable services to customers all around Russia, we have started subsidiaries in S.Petersberg, Ekaterinburg, and rep offices in cities all over Russia: Voronesh. Izhevsk, Krasnodar, Nizhny Novgorod, Perm, Saratov and Ufa. Over the last years, the Corporation shows a ongoing 30-40% boost in orders. In the previous years, over 5,000 Russia’s firms from Sakhalin to Kaliningrad turned into our clients.


2017 Most recent PCB Business Reports

PCB industry is amongst the fastest developing market sectors in the world since the majority of of the present day electronic products is PCB-driven. Depending on the Q4 2016 trends, the sales of PCB in the North America has grown. This particular blog post offers several interesting observations into the arena of PCB industry by studying the expansion trends, prospective buyers, and forecast report.

Product based analysis of PCB market

1-2 sided
4-6 low
8-16 mid
18+ high
Micro via (HDI)

In keeping with several market analysis reports, there exists a popular demand for 4-6 layer PCB types. This is due to their rising use in devices for instance, resistors, embedded capacitors and also transistors. At the same time, with the advent in technology new PCB’s including RoHS / lead free PCB’s have appear in the market changing the face of electronic products market. The PCB market is anticipated to grow with the CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 4% against the last Q4 2016, trend which witnessed severe downside. Some frequent PCB products taking over the electronic products market are:

Usage based evaluation of PCB market

In terms of the number one sales contributor for the PCB industry, the networking and communication sector leads by contributing a 30% improvement in the PCB earnings. Additionally, the aerospace and defense industrial sectors have in addition started applying PCB technologies. This is the set of PCB market positioning in terms of applications.

Electronic Devices
Home computer / Peripheral Products
Industrial Devices

2017 Newest Researching The Market and Trends

Based on the “Global PCB Industry Report“, PCB market was evaluated at greater than $3.4 billion in the Q4 2016, with the industry conjecture indicating a 10 per-cent advancement in the year 2017. American area accocunts for 5% of general $60 billion international PCB market. This market research report targets the primary factor statistics and in-depth study of the PCB industries within the American region. Some boasting points recruited in the report are:

::Offshoring Impact: Because of the migration of quite a few electronics industries and manufacturing units to 3rd world areas, there has been a large downslide in the American PCB field. This has concluded in a downsizing in the PCB manufacturing facilities in the American region.

::Resurgence of PCB market: Quite a few sectors such as communications, defense, and industrial electronics industries are nevertheless relying upon the PCB field. The PCB industry nonetheless is still tactical driver for a number of advanced automation and process control devices. With the growing of the oil and gas industry, which depends upon PCB powered apparatus, the PCB field is presently going for a restoration in the American region.

If you’re in the market for PCB for your application, you have to look at a company with a long industry experience such as MOKO is the type of reputed maker and seller of PCB in China. The company has continually presented their shoppers with high standard circuit boards that rank on the subject of quickness and general performance.


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