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PCBA Electronic Manufacturing and Design Services – Aimtron.

If you want the best Custom built printed circuit boards and electronic assemblies tor the medical industry then you found Aimtron.

From small rapid-turn prototypes through high volume domestic & offshore capabilities, Aimtron will help you build the right PCB and PCBA for your needs with efficiency and scaleability. We accomplish this by bringing together passionate, expert staff who really care about our clients, We understand that our work is out there making a difference in people’s lives.

Headquartered in Palatine, Illinois, our metro Chicago manufacturing plant offers expert services for PCB assembly, particularly with assemblies requiring quick turn prototyping, BGA Expertise and high volume PCB Assembly.

Strategic infrastructure has been established for full design and research projects. Aimtron’s expertise includes medical, military, automotive, consumer, commercial, gaming, Alternative Energy and many other key areas of industrial applications.

We at Aimtron believe in the importance of proximity to our clients and therefore have started a customer services location in phoenix, AZ for our Western Clients, we are planning for a western manufacturing facility in near future. Aimtron is pursuing the same proximity for our eastern customers as well.

Aimtron currently has direct ownership of a mirror manufacturing facility in Gujarat, India. SIR (Special Investment Region), as well as partnerships with PCB suppliers in Shenzhen, China. We understand the importance of global sourcing options and offer these services at our Client’s request.

Internet of Things, Automotive Electronics Promoting FPCB Industry Growth

Flexible Printed Circuit Boards Market report, provided by Allied Survey, forecasts that the international market is likely to gather 27 billion dollars by the year 2022, raising at a CAGR of 10.4Percent from 2016 – 2022.

Asia-Pacific took over the world-wide market, in the case of revenue, making up in excess of 46Pct in 2015, pursued by North America.

FPCBs are commonly used across applications e . g . LCD screen, smartphone display screen, connectivity antennas, and flexible circuitry employed in rechargeable batteries. Increase in requirement for consumer electronic merchandise, boost in desire for Internet of Things (IoT), and adopting of FPCBs in auto applications drive the market enlargement. On the other hand, increase in demand for automated robots is expected to deliver worthwhile possibilities to market players. Multilayer FPCBs led the FPCBs area, and is likely to keep up this trend through the forecast phase. Then again, the rigid-flex FPCBs segment is believed to view major growth in the long run, due to the small size and low power usage.

Among end user, electronic products led the world-wide market in 2015, making up about 30% market share. However, automobile electronics is anticipated to expand at the maximum CAGR of 10.7%, due to increase in demand for sturdy products with improved efficiency.

Asia-Pacific was the key revenue factor in 2015, and is likely to keep up its dominance in the coming years, on account of increase in quantity of electronic applications. Aside from that, movements in electronic gadgets and industrial systems are anticipated to turbocharge the FPCBs market growth, mainly in the Parts of Asia, for example China, Japan, Oceania, as well as India.

Flex PCBs are extremely reliable interconnectivity alternatives used in a number of electronic products with advanced circuitry. Aside from that, they feature a great many merits e . g . high efficiency and lowered system maintenance tasks. Multilayer FPCBs represent virtually 30% of the complete FPCBs market, caused by their resilience and high efficiency. On top of that, sizeable demand for electronics applications and customer shift towards compact printing to reach better efficiency are anticipated to trigger its adopting in the electronic gadgets, auto, and also other market sectors, says Jeshin Jayamon, Research Expert, Semiconductor & Electronics Research, Allied Market Research.

LAMEA is estimated to develop at the maximum CAGR over the analysis period, on account of increase in mobile appliances and boost in the adopting of FPCBs in auto applications. Aside from that, technological innovations to defeat power loss worries in extreme circumstances are predicted to offer rewarding opportunities for market gamers in the future.

Significant Results Of The Flex PCB Industry

In 2015, multilayer FPCBs led the world-wide FPCBs market, on the subject of revenue, and is forecasted to develop at a CAGR of 10.7Pct all through the forecast period.

Electronic gadgets directed the market, making up approx . 30% market share in 2015.

China was the significant shareholder in the Asia-Pacific FPCBs market, making up about 34% in 2015.

The crucial gamers operating in the FPCB market have adopted new product roll-out as their favored strategy to increase their market foothold. The primary competitors exhibited in this report contain NOK Corporation (Nippon Mektron Ltd.), Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. (SEI), Fujikura Ltd., Multi-Fineline Electronix, Inc., Zhen Ding Technology Holding Limited (ZDT), Nitto Denko Corp., Interflex Co., Ltd., Career Technology, FLEXium Interconnect, Inc., as well as ICHIA Technologies Inc.

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