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PCB cleaning machine

S-320 pick&place machine–Actual production –7×24 to support your PCB assembly

–The independent research and development of software, permanent free update. –Can design according to customer demand changes to the software to meet diversified operation needs (Other modified fee). –Production type: LED fluorescent tube, soft light, module, display screen and other LED application products –Product features :Achieve a variety of surface type LED, high-power LED and […]

Stencil (Pneumatic-Auto) Cleaner

This is an automated PCB cleaning machine that is ECO Friendly with no risk of fire as it is operated by pneumatic power only. It has the capability to clean the holes of micro size thoroughly. It will improve quality of cleaning and yield higher productivity. Please visit or contact for more information. […]

Ultrasonic Frequency Generator – Beijing Ultrasonic Ultrasonic Frequency Generator |Ultrasonic Wave Generator | Ultrasonic Signal Generator |Ultrasonic Cleaning Generator | Ultrasonic Generator Kit | Ultrasonic Generator Circuit | Ultrasonic Circuit Board | Ultrasonic Generator PCB. Ultrasonic Generator is an indispensable part of the ultrasonic cleaning machine,The quality of the Ultrasonic Generator directly decided to the cleaning effect of ultrasonic cleaning […]

Eelectrovert Aquastorm SMT and industrial cleaning machine series

This inline cleaning machine serieas provides the highest capacity on the market with excellent cleaning result. ELAS provides wide spectrum of inline cleaning machines for PCB and other industrial application in Hungary. source

China made Auto Insertion Machine to Assembly PCB by Through hole technology

We design and manufacture automatic machine for the PCB/SMT and Thru-hole industries in Shenzhen China. We help companies looking to low cost equipment with smart, ROI-driven assembly equipment solutions. To watch the machine working video, please search: “Odd form insertion machine” in Youtube. Contact us today to learn how we can help you。 1. Visit our site! : 2. Connect with us: 3. Get to know our team: 4. Google:Auto+Insertion 5. Questions? Let’s get in touch. email […]

MC PCB 100W street light -Use S-EF30000 Pick&Place machine

We designed and manufactured auto insertion machine,SMT equipment, and providing spare parts support . We provide totally solution for LED lighting SMT PCB assembly. Worldwide Installation and on site support. Factory (machine and lighting assembly) training. Email: Skype:chan12477357 We design and manufacture SMT equipment in Shenzhen China; 1, LED SMT solutions : one full […]

Made in China solutions for Electronic Manufacturing PCB assembly

We design and manufacture auto insertion machines and SMT equipment, and provide spare parts support . We provide total solutions for LED lighting and SMT PCB assembly. We offer worldwide Installation and on site support and factory (machine and lighting assembly) training. 1. Visit our site! : 2. Connect with us: 3. Get […]

S-1688 Pneumatic Stencil Cleaner

1, Zero pollutant of SMT stencil cleaning machine, protect our earth. 2, 2 grade filter for SMT stencil cleaning machine cleaning fluid circulation use. 3, 3 minutes to complete a SMT stencil cleaning, improving the quality of your electronic products. 4, Zero power consumption , to save energy. 5,Environmental protection, please use our full pneumatic […]