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PCB cleaning machine

How to Safely Clean PCBs with Ultrasonic Cleaning Printed circuit boards, especially those used in PDAs (personal digital assistants) like cell phones, get a lot of abuse. In addition to collecting dust and dirt that penetrates the cases of cell phones, e-book readers and similar hand-held devices PCBs have been known to suffer from immersion in and splashing from liquids in day […]

How to repair a water damaged phone – water damage repair guide(works for all phones)

We offer unlocking and repair services! Visit our website: This technique can be used on most samrtphones and devices. Just make sure that you remove all components and parts from the motherboard before placing in the machine with water. I used the following tools: 1. Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine 2. Water 3. Container or Bag […]

Proper ultrasonic cleaning solution for electronics PART 1

If you’re putting any type of alcohol in your ultrasonic cleaner, you need to stop (unless you like wasting money and risking a fire). If you’re putting tap water in it to clean electronics, you need to stop. If you’re a professional wet electronics restoration business and you use a jewelry cleaning unit with jewelry […]

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Ultrasonic cleaner for repairing Macbook logic boards.

? We sell Crest ultrasonic cleaners! ● Crest CP500HT Ultrasonic cleaner: ● Branson EC cleaning fluid: ? Rossmann Repair Group Inc is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to […]

Pcb/Stencil Cleaning Machines – southcleaner S1688 cleaning and defluxing machines, cleanliness testers, and stencil cleaning equipment. … StencilWasher Ultrasonic Stencil and Misprint Cleaning System. source

KA-B8, Auto PCB Brushing Machine

Auto PCB Brushing Machine FEATURES Automatic brushing the PCB, 2 sets of brush-rollers designed to ensure the surface of PCB can be cleaned completely. The speed, height and cleaning angle of brushes can be adjusted. PCB Warp device is equipped to ensure the PCB can contact the surface of the brushes during the operation. Available […]

全自動PCB高壓噴洗機Automatic PCB High Pressure Spray Cleaning Machine PCB清洗

應用範圍 適用電子零組件清洗、五金零件、瓦斯零件、汽車零組件、航太零件、精密零件、滑塊、滑軌等,各式工件之表面清洗 Applications Suitable for electronic components, optoelectronic products, surface pressing of metal hardwares, gas parts, auto parts, aerospace parts, precision parts , optoelectronic products and etc. 特點 ◆一體化多段式清洗流程設計 ◆彩色人機介面操作,全自動控制系統 ◆全自動批量清洗工件,節省廠房佔地空間 ◆高效率熱風循環可達快速乾燥效果,降低水痕 Features ◆Multi-stage cleaning process integration with adjustable ◆Easy programming with color touch screen HMI ◆Automatic batching processing to save shopfloor space ◆Efficient drying […]

stencil cleaner machine for electronic manufacturing smt/pcb A fast drying odor free solvent, southcleaner SMT Stencil Cleaner quickly removes solder paste from stencils, squeegees, printers, tools, machinery source