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PCB cleaning machine

SMT inline PCB cleaner (NIX, Inc.)

Small dust particles, which were not a problem in the past, are now a source of production defects. The PCB in line cleaner is the key to quality control as you provide clean bare PCB boards to the screen printer. NIX’s Magic Cleaner 3D is a powerful SMT inline cleaning machine that thoroughly removes dust […]

Ultrasonic PCB cleaning

The primary function of cleaning printed circuit boards and assemblies, removal of flux residues, which in the operation of electronic equipment can have a negative impact on its reliability. Often, after ascertaining the causes of failures of electronic devices, we understand that after the deposition of components and melting the solder another important procedure has […]

For Sale: Trek Triton PCB Inline Wash

Providing quality pre-owned PCB assembly equipment. For Sale: Trek Triton PCB Inline Wash. Video of machine cycling. Website: LinkedIN: Facebook: Twitter: source

NCS-2500 High performance PCB CLEANING MACHINE

Thoes machine shall cleaning particle or contaminator on PCB surface, It use by high presure DI water and dry by splay N2 gas with IR beam, Some aplication can cleaning wafers. Contact, Chang Woo Yung /James E-mail : Mobile: +82-10-3740-7593 Home page: NEO TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD 102-1 Hwanggae-Dong Hwasung-City Gyenggi-Do Korea source

Explanation of PCB Surface Cleaning Machine for SMT Line Use

Our PCB Surface Cleaning Machine (Model:UC-250M-CV) can clean the PCB surface by using ESD rotating brush and Special Rubber Roll. In detail, please refer to the VIDEO, if you have anything, please let us know, source

NCS-1500 Double Side PCB Cleaning system

Those mahine cleaning double side PCB surface, It will one pass cleaning face up and face down side same time, DI water nozzle presure Max 130Bar adjustable. If you interest about the machine, Do not hesitate ask below contact. Contact, Chang Woo Yung /James E-mail : Mobile: +82-10-3740-7593 Home page: NEO TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD […]

Video Blog #026 – Ultrasonic Cleaner PCB Flux Removal

A 5-minute video demonstrating my technique for PCB flux removal using an ultrasonic cleaner. More over at my website including close-up photos of the cleaned pcb: Visit my website – source