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Raspberry Pi Zero: Review & Setup

An overview of the Raspberry Pi Zero, including a comparison with other members of the Raspberry Pi family, and setup under Raspbian. You may also like some of my other Raspberry Pi videos — including this one where I spend a whole week using a Raspberry Pi as my only computer: I also have a […]

SUPER GAMEBOY ZERO || PI-BOY ▩ Umbau Präsentation ▩ Raspberry Pi Zero Projekt (Deutsch)

Vom normalen GameBoy zum Super Gameboy Zero oder auch Pi-Boy genannt 😉 ░ ░ ░ ░ ░ ░ ░ ░ ░ ░ ░ ░ ░ ░ ░ ░ ░ ░ ░ ░ ░ ░ ░ ░ ░ ░ ░ ░ ░ ░ Inspiriert und nachgebaut vom Modder und User ➽ wermy ( ) ░ […]

Ben Heck’s Raspberry Pi Zero Portable Computer

Win Ben’s Atari 2600 Portable! – In this episode Ben uses the Raspberry Pi Zero to create the smallest Pi portable computer that he has ever made! Join the element14 community! – source Related Information Raspberry Pi Zero W is a $10 PC with WiFi and Bluetooth Raspberry Pi gives us new […]

Game Boy Zero with custom SD card reader game cartridge

UPDATE: I set up a blog where I’ll be posting how-to guides for this project. You can also enter there for a chance to win the one I’ll be building! I made a RetroPie handheld using a Raspberry Pi Zero and an original DMG-01 Game Boy. I modified an original Game Boy cartridge to […]

First look at Raspberry Pi Zero with OpenSprinkler Pi

In this video I took a first look at Raspberry Pi Zero and verified that it works successfully with OpenSprinkler Pi. For details, check source Relevant Subjects Raspberry Pi Zero W is a $10 PC with WiFi and Bluetooth Raspberry Pi gives us new ‘Pi Zero W’ for its 5th birthday The […]

A Raspberry Pi Zero drone

This video shows a Linux drone made with the PXFmini ( autopilot shield for the Raspberry Pi Zero. The drone runs a customized Debian file system with real-time capabilities and the APM flight stack. For more information refer to: – PXFmini product page – PXFmini docs – APM flight stack source source […]

DIY Cheap Portable Smart Projector with Raspberry Pi Zero

Building your own cheap portable smart projector with raspberry pi zero. This was a quick project I put together so I can have a portable entertainment center to watch movies with my son. Thanks for the view! ○○○ LINKS ○○○ LeFun Movie Projector ► BlueTooth Controller ► Amz RPi Zero ► Ebay […]

Using AlexaPi on Raspberry Pi Zero with Tony D! @adafruit #LIVE

Live stream to showing the AlexaPi tool ( to turn a Raspberry Pi Zero into an Amazon Echo-like device. Ask the Pi questions and Amazon’s Alexa voice service will respond with answers! Links mentioned in the video: – AlexaPi code: – Previous video using Amazon’s demo code: – USB OTG hub & […]

Connect To A Raspberry Pi Zero With A USB Cable And SSH

Learn how to connect to your Raspberry Pi Zero Internet of Things (IoT) device using SSH over USB. No ethernet, wifi, or soldering skills are necessary to connect to a Pi Zero device. A written version of this video can be found on my blog at The following are affiliate links to hardware used […]

Make your own Ambient Lighting with the Raspberry Pi Zero

Previous video: Facebook: Twitter: Support me for more videos: Project information (wiring diagram, pictures, ….) on Instructables: More information about the Hyperion Software: Parts list: ( on Instructables) APA102 LED Strip: 1x HDMI Splitter: 1x HDMI 2 AV Converter: 1x Raspberry Pi Zero: 1x […]