EIM COATECH, specializes cleaning / washing processes and removing existing coating of printed circuits and electronic components.

The technological capabilities at EIM COATECH, combined with the knowledge and experience, provides services which include removing: existing coating, oil and tin residue, melting the solder pastes, and any other pollutant that can damage the functioning of the circuit.

Cleaning and washing printed circuits is necessary before making bonding and conformal coating processes, in order to improve the feature of attaching material to components and the surface. Insufficient cleaning prior this processes, impairs the bonding and coating quality, which will damage the overall protection.
דגריזר לניקוי מעגלים אלקטרוניים
PCB cleaning and washing processes, made by using advanced cleaning machine – “Degreaser”, which removes the hazards and the pollutants from the components and the circuit surface.

Depending customer’s requirements and according to the sensitivity of the components on the circuit board, we can provide a selective manual cleaning (cleaning components and areas as needed).

After the cleaning process, an advanced pollution test with innovative technology, check the PCB in order to confirm the quality of cleanliness.


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