Place of Origin:
Brand Name:
Gtech Solar ltd., Gtech Solar ltd
Model Number:
JA Solar 72/300/3BB
Polycrystalline Silicon
Number of Cells:
72 (6×12)
Max. Power:
Packaging Details
1. Horizontally or vertically stacked in a box

2. wrapped in plastic film.

Delivery Time
2 working days
Product Description

High performance best quality Gtech Solar JA Solar 72 300 3BB Max. Power 36.41w polycrystalline solar panel


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Introduction of GtechSolar

We have let the people know that we are upgraded than any other professional solar system engineering company in Bangladesh. We have got lots of elite class person as our clients. We have started 249.6kWp mini-grid #solar project and another two is in the row. Two Mega Watt (MWp) range projects are under process. Full hospital web, resort #hybrid system, giant scale garments factory on grid system, trade security system, and plenty of a lot of innovative #solar electrification project area unit below method.

We are doing solar irrigation pump in Sapahar, Noagong district under BMDA. Our pump project is best in the country.

Our R&D team have designed innovative roof-top and ground mount structure. We have developed software for solar system calculation. We have lot more value-added services are on the way.

We have participated in every #renewable energy-related fair in this time frame. We have got coverage on national electronics newspaper and media. Our Biz Dev team nailed all the event to get maximum exposure to the public. In any event, you’ll establish Gtech stall by probing for the busiest stall.

Our core team has developed state of art office management work flow. Soon, G-Tech solar will be the first paperless #solar company in Bangladesh. All of this was possible for the speed, positive thinking and innovation of the GTecher. All hail to the GTechers. Got solar related problem? Bring it to Gtecher and that they can create it convert it as a chance.

Products of our own listed below:

  • Solar panel
  • On-Grid/Off-Grid Inverter
  • Charge controller
  • Solar Irrigation pump
  • Solar combinar
  • LED lights

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Q. What is solar panel?

A: The process of converting light (photons) to electricity (voltage) is called the solar photovoltaic (PV) effect. Photovoltaic solar cells convert sunlight directly into solar power (electricity)..

Q. What types of solar panel are available?

A: Most expensive (approximately 35% more expensive than equivalent polycrystalline cells), highest efficiency rating – between 15-24%.

Q. Polycrystalline solar cells

A: Lower than the monocrystalline solar cells, currently at 13-18%

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