On the 5th anniversary of the launch of the original Raspberry Pi in 2012, the Foundation have decided to treat the community with a brand new product. A fork of the Pi Zero, but with added WiFi and Bluetooth, say hello to the Raspberry Pi Zero Wireless!

Watch the video to find out more 😉

You can buy a Pi Zero W from here: https://thepihut.com/products/raspberry-pi-zero-w

Read the original blog post here: https://www.raspberrypi.org/blog/raspberry-pi-zero-w-joins-family/


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Top 5 Raspberry Pi Zero Electronic Projects That Take Advantage Of Its Compact Size

The Raspberry Pi has long been the amateur selection for DIY electronic projects. The Raspberry Pi Zero, that’s nearly the measurements of a stick of gum, is fairly affordable and has it’s own special use situations though. Below are ten of our favourite projects which take advantage of its measurement.

1. Stuff a Raspberry Pi Zero Into an Old School Game Controller

As we know the Raspberry Pi makes an very good DIY video gaming console. The setup process just needs a couple of minutes, and the Raspberry Pi Zero is perfectly efficient at coping with vintage games from the Super NES period and even earlier. The whole project is better yet when the whole system is inside a controller.

Case in point (ahem), this project works on a Super NES controller, this one tackles the NES controller, and this one uses that good old original Xbox controller. However you opt to do it, you’ll have a very slick small DIY retro video game console you may tote around anyplace.

2. Construct a Mini Dongle Computer

While the Pi Zero makes a nifty small computer as it is, it makes a much better dongle computer. By doing this, you can attach it to some other computer you have, then it will tether itself directly so you will never have to insert a USB or any networking.

One of the benefits of this project is the fact that you do not need yet one more PC mouse, display screen, or key pad hanging out around. Just jam in into your standard desktop computer and you’re good to go.

3. Construct the Globe’s Most compact (Probably) MAME Cabinet

MAME cabinets are terrific, but they’re substantial. For the complete opposite approach, it’s possible to use a Raspberry Pi Zero to make one that’s roughly as small as the Pi itself.

You need a few components to help make this sucker do the job, including a 3D printed case, but in the end cabinet is utterly functional, therefore you’ll have the very best desk add-on at the workplace.

4. Make a Motion Sensing Digicam

source: http://www.instructables.com/id/Raspberry-Pi-Motion-Sensing-Camera/

The Raspberry Pi has always been a remarkable motion sensing camera, but the low profile of the Pi Zero causes it to be far better.

When using the Raspberry Pi Zero, your motion sensing camera has a far smaller presence, indicating it can go in even tighter rooms. For example, this one mounts to your window with a set of suction cups, which is nearly as light-weight as it can get.

5. Play Any Simpsons Episode (or Any Tv Series) At Random

In case you have ditched cable and gone full streaming with your media, you’ll probably still miss the days of catching an arbitrary episode of your most-liked show on TV. The Raspberry Pi Zero has the ability to bring that back.

In this project, they use installments of The Simpsons stored on an Micro sd card. With a custom script, you’ll be able to press a button and it plays a sequence arbitrarily. You may add any media you expect here, including a wide range of shows if you wanted, however, The Simpsons make the perfect option.

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