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Place of Origin:
Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
Model Number:
for makita BL1850 power tool battery
Nominal Voltage:
Nominal Capacity:
5.0Ah/be customize different capacities
Product name:
XJT-MAK18LI-5.0 Power tool battery
5.0 Ah be customize different Capacity
Cycle life:
Samsung /LG/Sony/BAK/China 10cells
Power Tools for Makita 18V battery
13 Months
Packaging Details
Standard export package or according custom require;

Packing Dimension:380*370*285 mm;

Every power tool battery packing box contains gloves ,let you keep hand clean while working;

18v5.0Ah lithium ion battery BL1850 pack for makita
Delivery Time
Product Description

Rechargeable power tool battery for makita battery 18V 5.0Ah BL1830, BL1840,BL1850 194205-3,194309-1 lithium ion battery

 BL1850 power tool battery
 for makita power tools battery

Samsung/LG/Sony/BAK/China cells
5.0Ah/6.0Ah/be customize different capacities
Cycle life
Compatible P/N
for Makita BL1815,BL1820 BL1830 BL1840 BL1850 BL1860 194205-3,194309-1,power tools battery
Fit Models
Makita BDF453SHE,Makita BDF454Z,Makita BHP452,Makita BML184,Makita BML185,Makita BST221Z,Makita BTDW251Z,Makita ML185,Makita TD140D,Makita TW251D power tool battery
For Makita BCS550 Series power tool battery:BCS550, BCS550Z,
For Makita BDA350 Series power tool battery:BDA350, BDA350Z,
For Makita BDF451 Series power tool battery:BDF451, BDF451Z,
For Makita BFR550 Series power tool battery:BFR550L, BFR550Z,
For Makita BFR750 Series power tool battery:BFR750, BFR750L, BFR750Z,
For Makita BFS450 Series power tool battery:BFS450, BFS450RFE, BFS450Z,
For Makita BGA452 Series power tool battery:BGA452, BGA452Z,
For Makita BHP451 Series power tool battery:BHP451, BHP451SFE, BHP451Z,
For Makita BHP453 Series power tool battery:BHP453, BHP453SHE,
For Makita BHP454 Series power tool battery:BHP454, BHP454Z,
For Makita BHR202 Series power tool battery:BHR202, BHR202RFE, BHR202Z,
For Makita BHR240 Series power tool battery:BHR240, BHR240Z,
For Makita BHR241 Series power tool battery:BHR241, BHR241Z,
For Makita BJR181 Series power tool battery:BJR181, BJR181X, BJR181X1,BJR181Z,
For Makita BJR182 Series power tool battery:BJR182, BJR182X, BJR182Z,
For Makita BJS130 Series power tool battery:BJS130, BJS130Z,
For Makita BJV180 Series power tool battery:BJV180, BJV180Z,
For Makita BPB180 Series power tool battery:BPB180, BPB180Z,
For Makita BSS501 Series power tool battery:BSS501, BSS501Z,
For Makita BSS610 Series power tool battery:BSS610, BSS610SFE, BSS610X2,BSS610Z,
For Makita BSS611 Series power tool battery:BSS611X, BSS611Z,
ForMakita BTD140 Series power tool battery:BTD140, BTD140SFE, BTD140Z,
ForMakita BTD141 Series power tool battery:BTD141, BTD141Z,
For Makita BTD144 Series power tool battery:BTD144, BTD144RFE, BTD144Z,
For Makita BTL061 Series power tool battery:BTL061, BTL061Z,
For Makita BTL063 Series power tool battery:BTL063, BTL063Z,
For Makita BTP140 Series power tool battery:BTP140, BTP140Z,
For Makita BTW251 Series power tool battery:BTW251, BTW251Z,
For Makita BTW253 Series power tool battery:BTW253, BTW253Z,
For Makita BTW450 Series power tool battery:BTW450, BTW450Z,
For Makita BDA350 Series power tool battery:BUB182, BUB182Z,
For Makita BVR350 Series power tool battery:BVR350, BVR350Z,
For Makita BVR450 Series power tool battery:BVR450, BVR450Z,
For Makita BVR850 Series power tool battery:BVR850, BVR850Z,
For Makita DF454 Series power tool battery:DF454D, DF454DRFX, DF454DZ,
For Makita HP454 Series power tool battery:HP454D, HP454DRFX, HP454DZ,
For Makita HR202 Series power tool battery:HR202D, HR202DRFX, HR202DZK,
ForMakita JR120 Series power tool battery:JR120D, JR120DRF, JR120DZK,
For Makita ML184 Series power tool battery:ML184(FlashLight), ML184,
ForMakita MR100 Series power tool battery:MR100, MR100W,
For Makita PB108 Series power tool battery:PB108D, PB108DRFX, PB108DZ,
For Makita TD144 Series power tool battery:TD144DRFX, TD144DZ,
For Makita TD251 Series power tool battery:TD251DRFX, TD251DZ,
Product Photoes

Rechargeable power tool battery for makita battery 18V 5.0Ah BL1830, BL1840,BL1850 194205-3,194309-1 lithium ion battery

Main Features
1)Rechargeable power tool battery for makita battery 18V 5.0Ah BL1830, BL1840,BL1850 194205-3,194309-1 lithium ion battery
2) Reliable Quality : 13 months warranty and we bear all the expenses when replacing certain defective products for you.
3) Product Features:Over-current, over- voltage, over-temperature Protection & Power Saving
4) Full load efficiency is more than 85%
5) Fast shipping: 10K pcs can be finished in 5-15 days
6) Certificate: FCC CE ROHS/MSDS/UN38.3 GS CCC ISO9001:2008

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Contact Us
Company Name: Dongguan Xin Ji Tong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
Address:Floor 2, 21 Jiayuan Rd., Xiangshan Ind. Area, Songmushan Village, Dalang Town, Dongguan,

                 Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Website: http://www.energup.cn
Skype:Brant Ke
Website on alibaba.com: xnjtg0769.en.alibaba.com
Tel: 86-769-8939-9923
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1.10 years’ factory of power tool battery and charger vacuum cleaner battery .
2.We made 3000-5000 pack battery every day ,Machine automated,on time . All product warranty 13 moths.
3. We have a strong technical and R&D team
4. We can design and customize products according to requirements, and we can guarantee height quality
    and low price

Our Company

 Specializing in the manufacture of power tools batteries and chargers vacuum cleaner batteries


Q: What is the battery cell of your product contian?
A: We use the imported battery of Samsung and LG brands that we have cooperation with as our power tool       battery cell, 100% high quality .

Q: Can your company accept OEM and ODM order?
A: Of course can.We can satisfy all your OEM and ODM demands, just contact our staff and here is our
   contact information : 

   Skype ID Name:Brant Ke ; Phone Number: 86-13112894033

   Website on alibaba.com: xnjtg0769.en.alibaba.com

Q: Your company’s main product?
A:Our main products are power tool battery pack, cordless tool battery, power tool battery charger, vacuum  

   cleaner battery, sweeper battery. It can be widely used in power tools, cordless tools, vacuum cleaners,
   cleaning robots, tablet computers, industrial mobile lighting, medicalequipment
  our company has established partnerships with Samsung, LG, Sony, BAK, Sinooealth, WPI-group and others

Q: How is your delivery date and shipping?
A: Normally, our delivery data is about 7 days after confirmed, but it also depends on the quantity and your
    location situation. And we usually useFedEx, DHL, UPS and other maritime transport methods. Please
   inform us in advance if you have a request for transportation.




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