• 1000 – 2999 Pieces

    US $2.50
  • 3000 – 4999 Pieces

    US $2.00
  • >=5000 Pieces

    US $1.50
Place of Origin:
Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
Model Number:
Monocrystalline Silicon
Number of Cells:
Max. Power:
Indoor and outdoor:
torch,toy,solar flowe,lights
Standard testing conditions:
100000 Piece/Pieces per Day
Packaging Details
Lead Time
Shipped in 10 days after payment

This product has a good low-light effect, used in mobile power, battery charger, phone above fully demonstrate its superiority. Solar panels to optimize performance, power foot, good appearance, delivery potential, at reasonable prices, in line with international certification standards CE / ROSH.


solar cell 
1.solar panle 
2.Outdoor Use:Garden&Lawn&Undersground&Spike Lights


 solar cell for mobile power charger,  phone





Used in mobile power charger, cell phone

[feature]Efficiency silicon cell power output guarantee stability and durability.
Strict quality control in line with international quality testing standards.
Efficient and transparent epoxy resin panels effectively protected.
Stable performance guaranteed power output.[Application]Solar mobile power supply / charger;
Solar garden lighting;
Small home lighting system;
Solar street lighting;
Solar outdoor advertising;
For a variety of low-power appliances, emergency lights Yeah, advertising lights, traffic lights, household lights, fans, such as solar water pumps, solar lights, small solar systems.[Features and Benefits]High conversion rate, high efficiency output;
Excellent low-light effect;
Mining high transmittance epoxy resin;
Features: environmental protection, easy to use, economical life cycle, reflecting the environmental protection, modern, technology and human culture.
Scope: charging mobile phones, MP3, MP4 charge of the remote control, razors, household toys, toy factory testing, gifts and any device can be used on the 5th battery.
(Solar charger, solar cell phone charger, solar laptop charger)
Principles and characteristics of solar charger: solar energy is converted to electrical energy stored in the solar charger built-in battery, the charging when needed, the solar charger in the battery charging power output.
Compared with a conventional charger solar charger has the following three advantages:
First: especially for emergency situations when you work or travel in the wild, or face power outage, solar charger environmental protection will make your phone (notebook) anywhere in working condition, so you uninterrupted with your friends and family keep in touch.
Second: the use of green energy green energy solar energy can make your contribution to environmental protection.
Third: easy to use wherever and whenever, you can very easily to your mobile (laptop) charged.




Conversion efficiency: 22% to 24%
Current: 200ma
* It is sealed with PET lamination technology, which has top quality and elegant appearance.
Application: this new solar panel is widely applied in solar chargers because of its high conversion efficiency and ultra thinness.

* Once you own this kind of solar chargers, you can charge your mobile phone or other digital products on the go, which you can get rid of shortage of electricity in emergent situation.
Advantages: what’s the real surprise is the high conversion efficiency and ultra thinness.

* We used some special technology to make sure the tidy and beautiful appearance that is necessary to many high-end products.
Its durable characteristics and integrated arrangement of solar cells are popular by customers.
In production, symmetry and beautiful outlook are always what we pursue.

* We can produce solar panel according to your requirements. If any questions, just feel free to contact me.

* Our company specializes in solar cells,amorphous silicon solar cells, solar modules, solar panels, solar light, epoxy encapsulation solar panels, lamination solar panel and ultrathin solar panels.




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