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KA-B6, Automatic PCB Brushing and Lead cutting Machine

KAB6 Automatic PCB Lead cutting and Brushing Machine KAB6 inner rotation FEATURES PCB Working Range: 10mm ~ 300mm. Brush is optional selected for cleaning leads adhered after cutting. Available for connecting with Wave soldering machine in mass production. PCB Wrap proof device is equipped. The height of Back/Front conveyors are adjustable to meet various kind […]

KA-B8, Auto PCB Brushing Machine

Auto PCB Brushing Machine FEATURES Automatic brushing the PCB, 2 sets of brush-rollers designed to ensure the surface of PCB can be cleaned completely. The speed, height and cleaning angle of brushes can be adjusted. PCB Warp device is equipped to ensure the PCB can contact the surface of the brushes during the operation. Available […]

KA-83, PCB Cleaning Brushing Machine

KA-83 PC 板毛刷機 PCB Brushing Machine •專用於清除PC板殘留物,如錫珠、助焊劑痕跡及抓紋之清理。 •有棕刷、毛刷任選一種。 •刷除殘渣絕不會傷害PC板。 •特殊處理不會產生靜電。 The machine is designed to brush away the leads or soldering residues like solder ball and flux residues, etc, which remains on the board after lead cropping process. •Manual brushing the PCB by the fast turning brass brush that is equipped in the machine. •Never […]