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How to Clean PCB

I know one guy who cleans old radios in a dishwasher machine. I prefer a combination of alcohol (flux remover), brush and pressurized air. I developed this method while cleaning RC nitro helicopters and I am very pleased with how it works on PCBs. source

NCS-2500 High performance PCB CLEANING MACHINE

Thoes machine shall cleaning particle or contaminator on PCB surface, It use by high presure DI water and dry by splay N2 gas with IR beam, Some aplication can cleaning wafers. Contact, Chang Woo Yung /James E-mail : wychang@nate.com Mobile: +82-10-3740-7593 Home page: www.neo-t.kr NEO TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD 102-1 Hwanggae-Dong Hwasung-City Gyenggi-Do Korea source