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Xiaomi AMAZFIT Sports Smart Watch with Everything You Need!

Buy Now: http://bit.ly/2pVbaLm The Amazfit with its wide silicon wrist strap and round ceramic watch face strikes a great balance between suave and sporty making this beautiful watch suitable for all occasions. There is just one button on the watch to wake up the device and jump to the home screen with the many other […]

Zestron – Technical Center: Cleaning equipment for PCB, power modules, stencil, maintenance cleaning

ZESTRON Technical Centers offers an unique opportunity to obtain a quick overview of possible cleaning processes and machines in just one day. The Technical Centers are located in the USA, Germany, China, Malaysia and Japan. More than 70 different cleaning systems from leading international manufacturers are available for free-of charge cleaning trials. The following technologies […]

KA-B6, Automatic PCB Lead Cutting and Brushing Machine, PCB cutter for wider board

KAB6 Automatic PCB-Brushing and Lead cutting Machine FEATURES PCB Working Range: 10mm ~ 300mm. Brush is optional selected for cleaning leads adhered after cutting. Available for connecting with Wave soldering machine in mass production. PCB Wrap proof device is equipped. The height of Back/Front conveyors are adjustable to meet various kind of connection. The Tungsten […]

Proper ultrasonic cleaning solution for electronics PART 1

If you’re putting any type of alcohol in your ultrasonic cleaner, you need to stop (unless you like wasting money and risking a fire). If you’re putting tap water in it to clean electronics, you need to stop. If you’re a professional wet electronics restoration business and you use a jewelry cleaning unit with jewelry […]

Wave soldering machine technology

Wave soldering is a large-scale soldering process by which electronic components are soldered to a printed circuit board (PCB) to form an electronic assembly. The name is derived from the use of waves of molten solder to attach metal components to the PCB. The process uses a tank to hold a quantity of molten solder; […]

Ben Heck’s Raspberry Pi Zero Portable Computer

Win Ben’s Atari 2600 Portable! – http://bit.ly/298Bc7J In this episode Ben uses the Raspberry Pi Zero to create the smallest Pi portable computer that he has ever made! Join the element14 community! – http://bit.ly/295PyQM source Related Information Raspberry Pi Zero W is a $10 PC with WiFi and Bluetooth https://www.engadget.com/2017/02/28/raspberry-pi-zero-w-is-a-10-computer-with-wifi-and-bluetooth/ Raspberry Pi gives us new […]

Изготовление печатных плат через AliExpress

Как заказать изготовление печатных плат на AliExpress? КэшбэкСервис для AliExpress (экономия ~7%): https://goo.gl/XJ8EN3 source 2017 Most up-to-date PCB Field Updates PCB industry is among the fastest developing industrial sectors in the world as most of the today’s devices is PCB-driven. In line with the Q4 2016 trends, the sales of PCB in the America has […]

Game Boy Zero with custom SD card reader game cartridge

UPDATE: I set up a blog where I’ll be posting how-to guides for this project. You can also enter there for a chance to win the one I’ll be building! http://www.sudomod.com I made a RetroPie handheld using a Raspberry Pi Zero and an original DMG-01 Game Boy. I modified an original Game Boy cartridge to […]

Using AlexaPi on Raspberry Pi Zero with Tony D! @adafruit #LIVE

Live stream to http://twitch.tv/adafruit showing the AlexaPi tool (https://github.com/sammachin/AlexaPi) to turn a Raspberry Pi Zero into an Amazon Echo-like device. Ask the Pi questions and Amazon’s Alexa voice service will respond with answers! Links mentioned in the video: – AlexaPi code: https://github.com/sammachin/AlexaPi – Previous video using Amazon’s demo code: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6fAdBehSYiA – USB OTG hub & […]

In 360! @Raspberry_Pi Zero W is HERE! #keymission @NikonUSA @adafruit @raspberry_pi #PiZeroW

NEW PRODUCT! RASPBERRY PI ZERO W JOINS THE FAMILY https://www.adafruit.com/pizero/ full feature list for Zero W: 1GHz, single-core CPU 512MB RAM Mini-HDMI port Micro-USB On-The-Go port Micro-USB power HAT-compatible 40-pin header Composite video and reset headers CSI camera connector 802.11n wireless LAN Bluetooth 4.0 https://www.adafruit.com/pizero/ —————————————– Visit the Adafruit shop online – http://www.adafruit.com Subscribe to […]