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Automatic Gate Opener Not Working

My Mighty Mule gate opener quit working two days after installing. It worked intermittently then quit all together. Update 2017: After I shot this video, I ended up replacing the board under warranty and it has worked well for years. Source Internet of Things, Automotive Electronics Pushing FPCB Industry Expansion Flexible Printed Circuit Boards Market […]

Nylon PCB Supports – 504 piece kit

You can buy this product at – http://www.PlasticKits.co.nz About Us Hi-Q Electronics Ltd is a New Zealand owned business founded in 1982 and has become a leading component supplier to many industries. With more than 5600 different component lines in stock Hi-Q Electronics provides high quality Plastic Hardware and Electronic Components to a wide variety […]

ABQ PCB INK Company ( abqink@hotmail.com )

ABQ PCB INK Company ( abqink@hotmail.com ) Jiangmen ABQ Electronic Material Co.,LTD Flexible PCB Ink ,LDI (Laser Direct Image Solder Mask Ink), liquid photoimageable solder mask ink,PCB Ink manufacturer Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/abq.pcb.ink Video: https://youtu.be/iZEE5h3H6Dg Web: http://www.jmbq.com.cn E-MAIL: abqink@hotmail.com | abqink@gmail.com export@jmbq.com.cn SKYPE: abqink@hotmail.com MP: 0086-18501626226 (Whatsapp,Viber,Line,Kakao,Wechat) ###################### Main products: Laser Direct Imaging Solder Mask Ink RS-2000 […]

Thoughts on Removing Potting Compound from Electronics

Many electronic assemblies, especially those in automotive and marine industries use potting compound which act as a protective coating. This video looks at non-re workable compounds which are especially difficult to remove…. a property of many (all?) epoxies is the glass transition temperature which can be exploited. Also looks at the need for a fume […]

New Family of single-rail Switch Mode Power Supplies reduce PCB-space – Infineon Technologies

This video introduces the new TLF502x1-family of Infineon’s automotive switch-mode power supplies. They are able to deliver up to 500mA with ultra-low current consumption. The design was performed to minimize the need of external components by integrated compensation and soft-start. Operation at high switching frequencies around 2.2MHz reduces coil and output capacitor size. The pin-compatible […]

What is a short circuit? What is a short to ground?

? Rossmann Repair Group Inc is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com ✖ Buying on eBay? Support us while you shop! https://www.rossmanngroup.com/ebay Source Internet of Things, Automobile Electronics Motivating FPCB Industry […]

electronica 2012 – Automotive und Elektromobilität

Wenn Sie dieses Video in Ihre Webseite einbinden, verweisen Sie bitte als Quelle auf die electronica oder www.youtube.com/electronicafair. Der Podcast widmet sich einem weiteren Schwerpunkt der electronica 2012: Automotive und Elektromobilität. Im Mittelpunkt stehen unter anderem neue Ladesysteme und die Vernetzung von Fahrenzeugen. Außerdem informiert der Beitrag über Fortschritte, aktuelle Entwicklungen und Entwicklungspotenziale im Automotive- […]


How to crimp an open barrel type pin (Molex, Narco, etc..) using simple tools and crimpers. Video number 1 demonstrated by Mike G. from SteinAir, Inc. Source Internet of Things, Automotive Electronics Driving FPCB Industry Development Flexible Printed Circuit Boards Market report, created by Allied Market Research, anticipates that the international market is most likely […]

Butt Connectors vs Solder | Crimping vs Soldering | Wire Connections

Subscribe for more free Automotive tips: https://youtube.com/c/AnthonyJ350Canada?sub_confirmation=1 http://www.gofasthavefun.ca In this video I compare and contrast two styles of connections that are most commonly found in an install bay environment. Crimping with butt connectors and soldering. If done properly, both are very solid connections. However I think soldering is still better because it’s less prone to […]

Cut-Off Circuit For 12V Lead Acid Battery Charging

If you are looking for a simple but effective Lead Acid battery charger cut-off circuit, then look no further. You can use this circuit in conjunction with any battery charger(except capacitive types) which do not have an automatic shut-off once the battery voltage has climbed to 14.2V(You can adjust this value with the zeners). You […]