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SMT inline PCB cleaner (NIX, Inc.)

Small dust particles, which were not a problem in the past, are now a source of production defects. The PCB in line cleaner is the key to quality control as you provide clean bare PCB boards to the screen printer. NIX’s Magic Cleaner 3D is a powerful SMT inline cleaning machine that thoroughly removes dust […]

ЛУТ технология. Изготовление печатных плат.

Решил осветить процес производства печатных плат Лазерно утюжной технологией. source Circuit Board maker in Russia REZONIT Resonit Ltd. is a consistently expanding and progressing corporation set up in the year 1997 by MIET grads. The Enterprise specializes in making printed circuit boards (PCB) (from single PCBs and small-quantity urgent production – to delivery of large […]