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Cubot X18. 4G. 3/32. 18:9. Это НЕОБЫКНОВЕННЫЙ бюджетный смартфон?

Распаковка и первое знакомство с очередной новинкой #CUBOT #X18 Бюджетный смартфон, который хочет быть похож на Galaxy S8. Официальная русскоязычная группа бренда CUBOT в ВКонтакте – https://vk.com/cubot_mobile Купить по самой низкой цене здесь – СИНИЙ – http://got.by/1w6675 или ЗОЛОТОЙ – http://got.by/1w667q Купить в официальном магазине бренда на Алиэкспресс – http://ali.pub/1vwduk Купить в проверенном магазине на […]

Fast Turn Circuit Board Facility In China Mainland

Shenzhen Henglung Digital Co Ltd is a Rockchip PCB Designer showing their tablet PCB and case designs. The motherboards and tablets offer either the new ultra low power RK3168 processor or the cheaper RK2926 processor. The RK2926 motherboards are RK2928 comptabile and 3028 compatible. Motherboards cost around 10 – 15 USD in bulk and tablets […]

High Thermal Conductivity PCB House Headquartered in Asia

Hena sells almost 3 million tablets per year, here’s a tour at the PCB Design House in Shenzhen China. Hena has Allwinner as strategic partner now working on Allwinner A33 and Allwinner A80, they also work with Rockchip, AmLogic and MediaTek. This video features their software, hardware, mechanical designers and more. Hena sells more than […]

Thick Copper Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing Facility Headquartered in China Mainland

With RK3288 designs in the ramping, Unuiga has 60 hardware/software engineers, 20 sales people, Unuiga is an ODM Android TV Box and HDMI Stick system provider in Shenzhen China specializing in Rockchip PCB solutions for Set-top-boxes and HDMI Sticks. Featuring among other Android optimizating, PCB layout, creating new designs for TV Boxes including Unuiga’s wide […]

Founding a mobile phone corporation? This is a set of architectural plans for achievement

Founding a mobile phone corporation? This is a set of architectural plans for achievement Xiaomi and OnePlus demonstrated that it is possible to begin a prosperous cell phone enterprise, even with minimal resources. Here’s their strategy in a nutshell: Make a powerful gadget for technology lovers Sell it direct as a loss leader Minimize output […]