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Lingua ITALIANA sull’Amazfit Smartwatch! + Procedimento traduzione

Finalmente l’italiano sbarca sull’Amazfit Smartwatch di casa huami e xiaomi! per qualsiasi dubbio riguardante l’amazfit, vi invito a mandare la richiesta per entrare nel gruppo privato di FB, dove troverete svariate discussioni al riguardo. (NOTA: sul gruppo facebook troverai un nuovo procedimento) https://johnbnc.yolasite.com/amazfit-watch-face.php Recensione dell’ Amazfit Smartwatch : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1gQujNaQyXU Gruppo Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/groups/1503710406313345/ Per vedere […]

Zestron – Technical Center: Cleaning equipment for PCB, power modules, stencil, maintenance cleaning

ZESTRON Technical Centers offers an unique opportunity to obtain a quick overview of possible cleaning processes and machines in just one day. The Technical Centers are located in the USA, Germany, China, Malaysia and Japan. More than 70 different cleaning systems from leading international manufacturers are available for free-of charge cleaning trials. The following technologies […]

Printed Circuit Board Assemblage Process, Technology

Printed Circuit Board Assemblage: Process, Technology Printed circuit board assemblage, also called PCBA, is the procedure of soldering or assy of electronic components to a circuit board. A circuit board in advance of assemblage of electronic elements is regarded as circuit board. And once electronic parts are soldered, the board is recognized as Printed Circuit […]