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Zestron – Technical Center: Cleaning equipment for PCB, power modules, stencil, maintenance cleaning

ZESTRON Technical Centers offers an unique opportunity to obtain a quick overview of possible cleaning processes and machines in just one day. The Technical Centers are located in the USA, Germany, China, Malaysia and Japan. More than 70 different cleaning systems from leading international manufacturers are available for free-of charge cleaning trials. The following technologies […]

Proper ultrasonic cleaning solution for electronics PART 1

If you’re putting any type of alcohol in your ultrasonic cleaner, you need to stop (unless you like wasting money and risking a fire). If you’re putting tap water in it to clean electronics, you need to stop. If you’re a professional wet electronics restoration business and you use a jewelry cleaning unit with jewelry […]

Phasa Plastic assembly of Lens and PCB on LED plastic vehicle lamps .mp4

Phasa heatstaking assembly machine processing 25 staking pins on an Plastic ABS Polycarbonate lens and PCB in one 20 second cycle. There are few automotive heatstaking applications that Phasa have not had experience of. Phasa provides solutions to many varied and complex projects for all major vehicle manufactures. Plastic assembly applications for interior, exterior and […]