Live stream to http://twitch.tv/adafruit showing the AlexaPi tool (https://github.com/sammachin/AlexaPi) to turn a Raspberry Pi Zero into an Amazon Echo-like device. Ask the Pi questions and Amazon’s Alexa voice service will respond with answers!

Links mentioned in the video:
– AlexaPi code: https://github.com/sammachin/AlexaPi
– Previous video using Amazon’s demo code: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6fAdBehSYiA
– USB OTG hub & ethernet adapter: https://www.adafruit.com/products/2992?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=videodescrip&utm_campaign=raspi

– Music: bartlebeats
– Intro shuttle footage: NASA
– Intro fonts: Typodermic
– Intro inspiration: Mr. Wizards’s World
– Matrix background: cool-retro-term & cmatrix

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Top 5 Raspberry Pi Zero Electronics Projects Which Benefit From Its Tiny Dimension

The Raspberry Pi continues to be the dabbler decision for Do-it-yourself electronic projects. The Raspberry Pi Zero, which is roughly the measurements of a stick of gum, is relatively super-cheap and has it’s own special use scenarios though. Underneath are 10 of our most liked projects which benefit from its dimension.

1. Cram a Raspberry Pi Zero Inside an Old School Game Controller

As we know the Raspberry Pi makes an amazing DIY video game console. The setup process simply requires a matter of minutes, and the Raspberry Pi Zero is entirely ideal for dealing with dated video games from the SNES time and perhaps earlier. The whole project is a lot better when the whole system is in a controller.

Proof positive (ahem), this project utilizes a SNES controller, this one tackles the NES controller, and this one uses that good old original Xbox controller. However you decide to do it, you’ll get a very slick small DIY classic gaming console you can easily carry around everywhere.

2. Build a Small Dongle PC

While the Pi Zero makes a awesome small computer as it is, it makes an even better dongle computer. In this way, you can attach it to any other computer you have, then it will tether itself directly so you don’t really need to add in a USB or any networking.

One of the benefits of this project is the point that you no longer need yet another mouse, screen, or keyboard hanging out. Simply jam in into your standard computer and you’re set.

3. Construct the World’s Most compact (Quite likely) MAME Cabinet

MAME cabinets are incredible, but they are large. For the complete opposite approach, it is possible to take advantage of a Raspberry Pi Zero to make one that is about as small as the Pi itself.

You might need a few elements to build this sucker perform, for example a 3D printed case, but in the end cabinet is extremely functional, meaning you’ll have the best desk accessory on the job.

4. Make a Motion Sensing Camcorder

source: http://www.instructables.com/id/Raspberry-Pi-Motion-Sensing-Camera/

The Raspberry Pi is almost certainly an excellent motion sensing camcorder, but the low profile of the Pi Zero renders it a better choice.

When using the Raspberry Pi Zero, your motion sensing camera has a significantly smaller footprint, indicating it can go in even tighter rooms. As an example, this one mounts to your window with a pair of suction cups, which is roughly as lightweight as it can be.

5. Play Any Simpsons Episode (or maybe Any Television Show) Aimlessly

If you have ditched cable and gone full streaming with your media, you’ll probably still miss the days of catching a random episode of your most enjoyable TV show. The Raspberry Pi Zero can bring that back.

In such a project, they use installments of The Simpsons saved on an Micro sd card. With a custom script, you’ll be able to mouse click a control button and it plays an instalment randomly. You can increase any media you expect here, including various shows if you wished for, however, The Simpsons are a great option.

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